What to Watch: 10/25/2016

Election season has collided right with the center of Halloween season and strangely enough, most of us here are not sick of it.

Adam Ruins Everything: Election Special [TruTV, 10p]
This strikes me as a set-up to exactly the sort of “your vote means nothing” argument that generally needles me into a foaming rage. But then that’s kind of the point of Adam Conover’s signature routine, and he’s very effective and funny while doing it. So maybe we who take politics a bit too seriously need to take our medicine.

Fresh Off the Boat [NBC, 9p]
Jessica writes her first horror novel. There is literally nothing else that needs to be said.

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
Barry and his band of misfit toys continue with ramifications of the Flash creating another timeline. Fans of DC’s Flashpoint will love it.


  • Donald Glover’s Ern and his pals celebrate Juneteenth on FX’s critically acclaimed Atlanta.
  • This latest season of Comedy Central’s Drunk History focuses insouciantly on subjects instead of city, and this week it’s “Scoundrels,” and it would appear one of the tales will be told by (or feature) Nick Offerman, which makes it time for this drunk Ron Swanson loop.

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