What to Watch: 10/24/2016

There’s got to be a morning after. And this time of year there’s plenty to take your mind off of mourning beloved characters — or the end of the weekend, if you happen to not be one of the millions watching a certain AMC show.

Halloween Baking Championship [Food Network, 9p]
Tonight the contestants start with tomb cakes before baking something (cake?) to honor Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Timeless [NBC, 10p]
This is mostly by default as this promising time travel hourly has mostly fallen flat, but this episode sends the gang into the middle of Nazi Germany at the worst possible moment, which could bring the tension.

Gotham [NBC, 8p]
Will Oswald cobblepot make a good governor? Will Jim Gordon act surrly? Will Alfred get the shit best out of him yet again? Tune in to Gotham tonight to find out.



  • If you watch NFL Football on any given weekend, I almost guarantee you will grow to hate the CBS line-up, especially, its comedies. That being said, Matt LeBlanc makes his exciting return to television with Man With a Plan on CBS. Its trailer opens on an exterior of a suburban house, so there’s that.
  • Supergirl protects the prez, while Jane the Virgin clashes over pre-schools on The CW’s best reviewed night.

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