What To Watch: 02/19/2023

Today we welcome welcome welcome back John Oliver! We’re also loving standup in Portuguese and the latest episode of our favorite not-a-zombie show. There’s also a cute looking meta rom-com on E! of all places, and a network remake of a quirky Korean show.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [HBO, 11p]
In past years, John Oliver has created an elaborate musical number telling an overlitigious mine operator the various ways he can “go fuck [him]self,” commissioned the world’s biggest marble cake to mock Turkmenistan’s dictator, bested Oprah’s record for most generous giveaway on television while relieving thousands of citizens from crippling medical debt, and constructed a religion to mock greedy televangelists. Who knows what the British comedian has planned for his tenth season–likely he doesn’t even have a clue of some of it yet–but as always it will be ridiculous, hilarious, and educational while also making the world at least a slightly better place. 

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these every week for the same show, but this one is just that good. We’ve got to see a whole lot of infected and more heartbreaking moments. This week the adventure continues. Pretty soon Joel will see Ellie as the daughter he lost.

Whindersson Nunes: Preaching to the Choir [Netflix]
Brazilian comic Whindersson Nunes riffs on the end times in this Portuguese-language special.


  • After losing just about everything and having time on her hamds, Eliza decides to change her lousy love life by following a 50-year-old guide to dating in the meta-titled Why Can’t My Live Be a Rom-Com? At least it wasn’t 1964’s “Teenage Guide to Popularity,” right?! Of all places, it’s on E!, which would seem to be getting deeply into the romantic movie game. Honestly, it looks downright cute.
  • The fourth season of The Food That Built America kicks off tonight with an episode titled “Breakfast That Pops,” which looks into the cereal wars and how they affected the grocery isles of today. Will it be as raucously funny as when Drunk History did it? Almost certainly not because this History Channel anthology is not that kind of show.
  • On a much darker level, Reelz throws together a documentary special on a certain 1970s NFL running back, savoir of kittens from fire in Towering Inferno, nototious criminal souvenir stealer, social media celebrity, writer of a memoir about killing his wife and a waiter, and, oh yeah, the violent killer of his wife and a waiter… allegedly, but, well, you know. O.J. Simpson: Blood, Lies & Murder debuts tonight. The title is a pretty solid indication that (1) we know which side it’s on and (2) O.J. is not involved in it.
  • In the slick thriller/romantic drama The Company You Keep, Milo Ventimiglia is a suave con man and Catherine Haena Kim is the CIA agent trying to take him down. The new ABC series is based on the Korean show My Fellow Citizens! which frankly looks much different, and a lot more quirky and interesting than this heist thriller that by its trailer looks like it throws every thriller trope into a blender.
  • The networks also have a bunch of returning shows. ABC blesses our country tis of thee with the umpteenth season of American Idol and the likely-even-higher-numbered season of America’s Funniest Home Videos. That nonsense goes all the way back to when our oldest Scholar was a child. And he turns 50 this year. Also, CBS has got the latest from Queen Latifah’s better than it should be reboot of The Equalizer,
  • Over in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), we’ve got UP’s latest uplifter… and it’s surely still positive even if it is titled Luckless in Love in which a player has to decide whether to commit to romance. Lifetime chimes in with the heavily titled Secret Society of Lies about stalking… probably.

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