What To Watch: 02/20/2023

Happy Presidents’ Day. To celebrate, there’s an Adult Swim anime, a war movie making-of, a documentary about a racer, some quaint British mysteries, and a cooking special.

Ballmastrz: Rubicon [Adult Swim, 12a]
Here we have a special that picks up after the events of season 2. It’s up to Crayzar to save Team Earth. Secrets from his past surface that threaten the planet. Will he have the courage to face them?

The Making of All Quiet on the Western Front [Netflix]
It seems like just yesterday that the British war movie won 7 BAFTAs (ba dum bum). Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what made the film as gigantic what it was. Why not, right?


  • If you don’t follow motorcycle racing, you probably don’t know who Spanish champion Marc Marquez is. We don’t. However, the velocity within the trailer of Netflix’s five-part docu-series Marc Marquez: All In could lure us in, so perhaps it will do the same to you.
  • We’ll stick in that huge country on the Iberian Peninsula for a new special from the Cooking Channel called Secrets of Spain. What is it about? Well, if the title intrigues you, you might have to tune in and find out b/c the network itself does not seem to even have a page about it.
  • Would you like to crank up the quaintitude? Well, the trailer for The Madame Blanc Mysteries describes it in block letters as a cross between Midsomer Murders and Antiques Roadshow so put the kettle on, throw your coziest afghan around your shoulders and be prepared for adventures in a small town with a higher crime rate than Chicago or Cabot Cove.

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