What To Watch: 09/07/2022

Standup Mike Birbiglia once jokingly invented “pizza until you fall asleep” and that is well in line with our Netflix food-based pick of the day. We’re also intrigued by a reverse rom-com and excited for two new episodes of two of the best gritty half-hour comedies–including a first season finale and a spotlight episode for perhaps the Zennest teen on TV.

Chef’s Table: Pizza [Netflix]
The Chef’s Table franchise travels the world in pursuit of my favorite food, pizza, in this spinoff.

Tell Me Lies [Hulu]
This illustration of the evolution and tumultuous devolution of a love affair of two addictive minds has promising leads in Jackson White and Grace Van Patten as the volatile couple of Stephen and Lucy.

Reservation Dogs [Hulu]
Hooray! A Cheese episode. Things have been better for Cheese. He gets arrested and sent to a boys home run by… Marc Maron? That’s the set up for the latest episode of this wonderfully written show and I am here for it and so should you be! Dammit, seriously… just watch this show.


  • Election season comes early on Phoebe Robinson’s promising comedy about an awkward podcaster, Everything’s Trash. Or at least the episode title hints at it. It’s the first season finale and it’s on Freeform.
  • If you’re looking for a fun throwaway watch and you dig the frights, Shudder has the listacle-in-TV-special form 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time. It mostly airs at night, mostly.
  • The latest South Korean import Grid starts off as a gritty detective story as a government employee witnesses a murder and teams up with a hardened cop… of course, reality is not as it seems and the Hulu program veers into the supernatural.
  • Despite its provocative title, Raising a F***ing Star appears to be closer in spirit to America’s Got Talent than Dance Moms. As the E! show’s title suggests, the reality show chronicles the lives of the stage moms and dads (or mom-agers and dad-agers as the show brands it) of precocious children whose talent has them pegged for future greatness (at least in somebody’s mind).
  • For its second season, the popular docu-series Indian Predator (this season is subtitled Diary of a Serial Killer) looks into a case that initially seemed to be the simple murder of a journalist, but turned out to be a serial killer whose tendencies run cannibal. Yikes.
  • When it comes to tattoos, the possibilities are endless, so it’s not all-too-surprising that Ink Master (now on Paramount+) has made it to 14 seasons, that most recent one, of course, starting today, or why would we mention it. Tats artist Joel Madden and tats enthusiast/rock legend Dave Navarro return.

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