What To Watch: 09/06/2022

Does anyone out there remember the site Cute Overload? It was the 803rd most influential British blog in 2011. Anyway, our top pick for today would fit that description. We also have the end of the season for Screen Scholars’ fave vampire show (but don’t worry WWDITSimals, it’s already been renewed for two more seasons). We also have another documentary about a certain late pop king who got way less cute real fast (well, for many people anyway).

Bee and Puppycat [Netflix]
This ridiculously cute series finds its home at Netflix with a second season and remade episodes from season one, which aired from 2014 through 2016. Created by Natasha Allegri, the animated series follows an eccentric, chronically unemployed woman Bee and her half feline-half canine companion. If this series doesn’t charm the whole family, it will please nostalgic elder Millenials.

What We Do in the Shadows [FX. 10p]
What’s it like for a vampire to enter puberty? We are about to find out on the Staten Island vampire show’s fourth season finale as the energy vampire Colin Robinson goes through… changes. One can only imagine what his hormone monster will be like…

Who Really Killed Michael Jackson? [Fox, 8p]
Since it happened, there’s always been an air of mystery about that final day in the life of international superstar (and likely predator) Michael Jackson. Fox takes another stab at unraveling the enigma of the end of the strange, strange man whose musical gift was the soundtrack to the 1980s. TMZ investigates, so you know we’ll totally get to the bottom of this and it won’t be exploitative at all.


  • We probably should all be watching Queen Sugar–it’s created by Ava Duvernay, has the Oprah seal of approval, and going into its seventh and final season on OWN, it has never had a badly reviewed season. If you know all this, you probably already love it, but if you don’t and want to dive into the endgame while playing binge-ing catch-up, the tales and travails of the Bordelon sisters of Louisiana resumes tonight.
  • Netflix has a pair of comedy specials from rising standup titans (aren’t they all) Sheng Wang and Rodrigo Marquez. Sheng Wang: Sweet and Juicy and Rodrigo Marques: King of Uncouth both debut today.
  • Not a show where bumbling 1960s secret agent Maxwell Smart gives you questionable financial tips, Get Smart with Money is a new Netflix show that is exactly what that title might lead you to believe: financial analysts give regular people advice to do that thing so few of us do well, manage money.
  • If you are a fan of the Champions League or are just someone who wants to learn more about the soccer/football league that invites the best of Europe’s best teams (i.e. Arsenal, Real Madrid) to compete for a continent-wide trophy, check out the Paramount+ doc Destination Paris.
  • MTV will never break up with tales of young pregnancies as they add another notch to the Teen Mom belt with the debuting the simply titled Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

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