What To Watch: 07/06/2022

A rom-com psychic whose powers foretell a non rom-com ending to her current relationship; puppets with familiar voices make prank calls; a bunch of regular joes who once stopped being friends and got real in either houses or on road trips reunite to play ninja warriors for a week or so. Those are our top rec’s for this Wednesday.

Maggie [Hulu]
This romantic comedy follows a young psychic who struggles with romance in her own life, especially when she sees how her relationship with her cute neighbor (who isn’t single!) is going to end. The starring cast is a little bland, but the supporting cast, Nichole Sakura, Kerri Kenney, and Chris Elliott are sure to make this a treat. I’ve already agreed to a phone date with my bestie to talk about it.

Crank Yankers [Comedy, 8p]
Celebrities like Tracy Morgan and Annie Murphy make prank calls while muppets recreate the action. Somehow in the days of caller idea and social responsibility, this is still a thing that exists. I’m not saying it’s not funny, but I’m interested to see how it’s grown with the times… if it has at all.

The Challenge: USA [CBS, 9:30p]
This iconic reality competition used to cast its contestants by drawing from within the MTV circle. In recent years, it has been drawing from an international pool of reality stars. In this new iteration, the franchise is going back to its roots. The real draw, what makes this show so different from others like it, is that we start off with a base knowledge of the contestants. As an audience, we feel like we know them. The Challenge: USA achieves this by using contestants from all of their CBS reality shows. While I am not an avid Survivor or Big Brother watcher, I am interested to see how this season plays out and hopeful that the concept will be able to snag some more fans. TJ is there, so I’m sure we’ll be in good hands.


  • The new Netflix docu-series Girl in the Picture takes on a mystery where even the victim Sharon Marshall does not know the whole story. What we do know is that Sharon was the daughter of a con man who used her to help further his crimes. However, since we’re talking about it now, clearly there’s a lot more to the story of what happened in the 30 years since the father and daughter took off on the run.
  • A super-ironic (and quite self-satisfied) high school couple plan one epic date before breaking up as each goes their separate ways in Here, There and Everything In Between (not to be confused with a similarly titled surrealist phenomenon in theaters). The Netflix original looks promising if the lead couple are a tad less annoying than they were in the trailer.
  • An anime about content creators with mystical, and often disturbing, powers? Sure, why not. In Uncle From Another World, Takefumi is shocked when his uncle emerges from a 17-year coma claiming… well, you can see the title. Its press promises to be both dark and uplifting, which is kind of a sweet spot in Scholarly territory, so… It’s on where else? Netflix.
  • The world of finance is satirized (we think) in the Netflix German import King of Stonks as something goes terribly wrong along our protagonist’s rise to riches and the pure decadence he wishes to live. As his start-up’s IPO tanks, everything falls apart and just gets weirder and weirder.
  • As the U.S. Extreme… we mean Supreme Court just issued a ruling that makes it even harder to combat the ever-expanding threat of climate change, it’s a good time for our favorite nonagenarian naturalist to pop up with his new show reminding us of what we need to save. The Green Planet debuts on PBS today.
  • We’ll close this up, as we do, in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, where Lifetime swerves slightly with a popular returning show Married at First Sight which logs its fifteenth season of pairing together strangers. The first line in the season’s initial trailer is “she’s not, like, the type I imagined,” so, yeah, your instincts are probably right about its contestasingles.

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