What To Watch: 07/07/2022

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the two thousand and twenty-second year, it is foretold that lunar colonies, adorable grandchildren, young Angelino transplants and lots and lots of whammies will overrun your screens. So, be prepared!

Moonhaven [AMC+]
Set 100 years in the future, this thriller follows a space pilot sentenced to solitude in a garden of Eden (of sorts) on the Moon, where we’ve built a colony in an effort to solve the problems destined to end civilization. But people within want to overthrow the artificial intelligence at the helm, which is kind of a bummer because a petulant criminal forced to live on the Moon with a bunch of smart people would make for a fun comedy. I’ll take this too because overthrowing AI when you’re trying to save humanity is bold.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 10p]
Ok, I’ll be honest, this is way down my list, but this spinoff which put the grown up Fosters children in Los Angeles has always held some appeal or curiosity and you could do worse than watching this affable Freeform series. Oh, and apparently I was in a fantasy sports league with one of the executive producers, so good for him.

Press Your Luck [ABC, 8p]
If I was to ever choose a game show to be on it would be this classic that started in the 1980s–not because I think I could win (I certainly wouldn’t), but just so I could say “big money, no whammies!” What i’ve always loved about this one is that, as game shows go, it’s fun to watch, so participatory. Nice to have you back you little red gremlins.


  • In Shudder’s latest psychological thriller, On the 3rd Day, our protagonist Cecilia is in a car accident but only comes to consciousness three days later with no sign of her son Martin.
  • Kelly Ripa hosts Generation Gap which splits two generations apart to find the conceit for the new game show. Grandparents and grandchildren join forces to solve puzzles on the ABC quiz show.
  • In the weirdest of pairings, ABC also debuts The Fatal Flaw, a true crime show which finds the moment that criminal’s reign unraveled.

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