What To Watch: 03/16/2022

It’s an all-reality recommendations day as a vegan chef’s life gets turned upside down, Jakob Dylan let’s us know if he ever fixed that other headlight, and the folks on Survivor try to survive (while a D-list celebrity knockoff debuts).

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives [Netflix]
This four-part documentary series follows Sarma Melngailis, a famous restauranteur, who lost everything when she “fell for a man” who “promised to make her dreams come true.” Melngailis was behind New York City’s Pure Food and Wine, so a lot of people were out of a paycheck when she became a fugitive, too.

Live from the Artists Den: The Wallflowers [AXS, 8p]
If you watched MTV for more than five minutes in the mid 90s you were almost guaranteed to see the video for the Wallflowers’ “One Headlight.” If you have been able to remove that trauma from your mind or have an interest in nostalgia The Wallflowers are the latest to play AXS’ TV venue tonight. Seriously though, Jakob Dylan has never stopped making music over the years and in that time has built up an impressive catalog. If you haven’t checked out the band in while how’s the chance to rediscover.

Survivor [CBS, 8p]
Last week was the premiere of season 42! We lost two players, one through tribal counsel and one due to medical issues. I thought Tori would for sure be voted off, but in the end Zach placed his trust in the wrong person. This week the journey continues as the three teams battle it out for advantages and immunity. 


  • Netflix brought the Spanish thriller Money Heist to international (including U.S.) fame and acclaim, so Hei$t: The Great Robbery of Brazil’s Central Bank (also on Netflix) may sound like a cash-in remake in another country but is actually a documentary chronicling the Fortaleza bank robbery of 2005. It looks pretty great actually.
  • Netflix’s other big import, Mexico’s Pedal to Metal also brings the soap opera to a world of speed and adrenaline, auto racing. Its first season drops today.
  • D-list actors, reality stars. and three former athletic all-stars combine forces in a fight to “survive” in the Panamanian jungle for CBS’ Beyond the Edge. That eccentric ’90s/’00s NBA star Metta World Peace is involved is not that surprising. That the level-headed heartbeat of the 1986 Chicago Bears championship team, Mike Singletary, aka Samurai Mike of the almost-Top 40 hit having Shufflin’ Crew (the song hit #41 on Billboard! Look it up!) is in the mix is more than a little disappointing. But we’re not here to feathers ruffle, we’re just here to roundup tonight’s television.
  • Even more disappointing, Temptation Island returns for yet another season of hi-infidelity on USA.

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