What To Watch: 03/17/2022

Don’t say it’s the end of the world… or that you feel fine. Dystopian sci-fi will oft shine during times of unrest and these are nothing if not restive times. Our rec du jour, in the spirit of Cloverfield and Watchmen, and like so many other films, takes Manhattan and turns it into a war zone. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got a promising mockumentary starring Seann William Scott. Bon… etc.

I wasn’t sure I’d have the bandwidth for another dystopian show BUT if you tell me it’s directed/executive produced by Ava Duvernay and stars Rosario Dawson, how can I resist? The four-part adaptation of the DC Comic of the same name follows Alma (Dawson) as she tries to find her only son lost in the second civil war in the now demilitarized zone of Manhattan, New York. It’s giving me part I AM LEGEND and part cautionary tale vibes but in the end I hope it will serve as a reminder of our humanity and what people sacrifice for the ones they love. 

Minx [HBO Max]
A new series from HBO set in the 1970s about a young feminist from Los Angeles who is working to create a magazine for women. Having trouble with her pitch and being brushed off at every corner, Joyce forms an unlikely bond with an editor and they set out to create the first women’s erotic magazine. 

Welcome to Flatch [Fox, 9:30p]
This wholly-scripted “docu-com” stars Sam Straley, Seann William Scott, Aya Cash, and Taylor Ortega as the citizens of an embarrassingly small town whose residents allow a camera crew to film their day-to-day. I’m from a small town, and the show appears to have depth and warmth, so I love it already.

MasterChef Jr. [Fox, 8p]
Noted curmudgeon Gordon Ramsey judges a bunch of adorable child cooks. It’s a fun concept and a real competition. These kids will cook way better than I will ever be able to. It’s fin light watching, but not mindless. Sounds like a god way to spend an hour. Just be prepared to get hungry.



  • The Hanna Barabarians are out in force as Yogi, Booboo, Magila, et al, return to their antics in their home park of Jellystone! The animated nuttiness returns for a quick second season on HBO Max.
  • The plot of the part-drama/part-comedy Soil deals with the Muslim tradition of being buried in the mud and dirt of their home country. A young Moroccan man tries to take advantage of this notion by forming a company that imports foreign soil.
  • The latest Shudder scarefest involves participants in a live action role playing group whose scenario involves surviving in a bunker after an atomic blast. We’re not sure if The Bunker Game takes place in the 1950s or if time displacement is part of the thriller’s plot.

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