What To Watch: 09/27/2021

In past years, after the flurry of the first week of Fall programming, there would be a significant spillover of debuts for the subsequent weeks. However, as appointment television starts to fade and/or become part of the generational gap, this week’s relatively dry, at least on the networks. However, there’s a smattering of new, returning, and ongoing programming, so here’s what we recommend.

Midsomer Murders [Acorn TV]
This one is less an excitement for another season of this quaint British detective show, than absolute admiration for just how many series they’ve managed to carve out of this simple premise and appreciation of it being one of the last things my father could watch regularly as he slips away. While it is one of those shows like Murder She Wrote in that there is an impossible number of murders in a theoretically safe neighborhood, as long as you can get past that, it’s an entertaining Britcop show. 

The Big Leap [Fox, 9p]
A scripted drama about the creation of a reality competition series? The perfectly ridiculous cure for Mondays. If you loved Smash and love reality competition, this is a wonderful hybrid. If you don’t love either of those things but are still curious? Check it out! It’s very fun. 

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
I admit the fun of watching this addictive show is the fun witnessing the arguing and banter between the judges as they compete for their team. And new judge Ariana Grande brings the fire. Tonight the auditions continue–who will end up in team Blake, Kelly, John or Ariana? We will find out soon enough.


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