What To Watch: 09/26/2021

You’d almost think we’d rigged our six-month tournament for a winner–that is if more than 100 people knew we existed–as our Comedy TV “March” Madness winner (by a single vote) returns for its record-extending 33rd season tonight on Fox. The Simpsons leads off a night of musical animated comedy and debuts of three iconic and one growing show’s seasons. Also, J-Lo sings for a good cause, the evolution of one family is explored by one of its members on HBO, and 50 Cent leaves da club and his bottle full of bub for another dramatic passion project

Nuclear Family [HBO, 10p]
Ry Russo-Young directs this three-part documentary series about her mothers’ decision to seek a sperm donor and his eventual lawsuit for parental rights.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
OK, maybe I’m a basic boy for picking the return of the longest-running program in history and our recent tourney winner, but if you told me when, as a teen, on a tiny, personal TV radio, I watched a Christmas special based on crude animation characters I loved on The Tracy Ullman Show, that as a middle-aged man, I’d be writing on a skinny computer about new episodes of the same show, my mind would be jelly for eternity. Tonight, to celebrate its 33rd season debut, the show goes musical (Simpsons did it!) with Kristin Bell tag-teaming with Julie Kavner to offer the singing voice of Marge.

Global Citizen Live [ABC, 7p]
Highlights from this year’s Global Citizen fest airs today. The 24-hour event helps fight climate change and extreme poverty so the cause is a good one. And the talent isn’t to shabby either–the New York event alone featured Coldplay Lizzo and Billie Illish to name just a few. Tune in, get involved and you may just get to see Jennifer Lopez welcome special guests L L Cool J and Ja Rule.


  • That Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy aren’t specifically listed in the Fox promos for their 12th and 20th seasons, respectively, as part of Fox’s Musical Animation Domination may less indicate that they won’t have any singing on them then that the two programs are pretty musical to begin with. Especially the former as the Belchers are known to pump out at least a new song an episode to add to classics like “Electric Love” and “Nice Things Are Nice/Bad Things Are Bad.” The A-story tonight is a Louise-Millie adventure. Over on that other show, it’s… um, Peter farting?
  • And if you ever wanted to see Ron Swanson croon, the network (Fox) has been very clear about the fact that The Great North is without doubt a musical (Offerman’s patriarch even sings in the ad). Will Ghost Alanis sing? Would that be ironic? No, it would not.
  • Along with the woke music, ABC is bringing the fun throwback game shows. Into the celebrity section of classic games, they’ve added Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. There’s also the fun manic energy Supermarket Sweep making its return with the Screen Scholars fave Leslie Jones hosting.
  • For six seasons, 50 Cent showed he knows drama as he flexed his Power. Well, now that that’s done, he’s not satisfied–one could say he’s like a kid in a “Candy Shop“–and has bought stock in another Starz show, starting up BMF (which stands for Black Mafia family) which could be mocked except it has an excellent charater actor in Russell Hornsby in its lead role.
  • Audra McDonald hosts (and why should she not) the 74th Annual Tony Awards which should hold a special place this time around considering how much pluck it took to bring back Broadway this year. The affair is on Paramount+ this year.
  • Over in the chaos of the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), the action is on the movie channels as the LMN debuts A Professor’s Vengeance, presumably about the vengeance of a professor and HMM brings out Our Summer, where we’re gonna guess a busy businesswoman meets a ruggedly handsome rural dude, but it’s during the vernal equinox.

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