What To Watch: 06/21/2021

To be blunt, a lot of tonight’s new content feels as if it were created by 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy back when he was trying to tank NBC, but there is one treat. That it is of the true crime variety makes it seem weird to call it a treat, but then the late author Michelle McNamara did get a bit giddy at times when talking about her obsession. The excellent HBO docu-series about her quest to solve a humongous cold case, and her instructions to include herself as part of the story–an inclination that sadly likely led to her own death at just 46–returns after a year with an anticipated reflective special episode tonight.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark [HBO, 10p]
Almost a year after sentencing–Joseph James DeAngelo, known as the Golden State Killer, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison last August–HBO’s series about Michelle McNamara and her efforts to unmask and solve the rapes, murders, and kidnappings that gripped California in the 1970s and 1980s returns with a onetime special recounting DeAngelo’s trial with a special look at a 1984 unsolved Oak Park, Illinois murder McNamara had been researching before her death.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
Last week Katie went on a series of group dates and surprised everyone by choosing Greg for the first solo date of the season. He already got the first impression rose! Shouldn’t she be spending her time getting to know some of the other men? That’s just my opinion. They had a cute date where they went fishing and talked about their dads. This week picks up in the middle of the cocktail party, where Katie is in tears after Karl has “warned” her that there might be some other men here with questionable intentions.

Duncanville [Fox, 9:30p]
This slice-of-life (with a touch of the absurd) show featuring Amy Poehler as both mother and titular son is one of the unheralded great new animated series–seriously, I binged the whole last season in a day. Amy’s affably obsessive traffic cop Annie (the mom) is a standout character and her manic side should get a chance to shine as she battles city hall in the form of ticketing the mayor’s car. 


  • Sabin Lomac hosts the new Food Network show Grill of Victory which we can definitively call the best food show based on a pun derived from an oft-parodied opening line from a longago sports montage show.
  • HGTV’s Celebrity IOU gets an impressive array of stars who are into the whole home renovation thang. Tonight it’s manic pixie new girl Zooey Deschanel who is revamping a living space for a best friend.
  • TLC’s newest program celebratemocks (can we coin this portmanteau) thrifty sorts like the one lady who is trying to bring her daughter’s wedding in at 750… dollars. It’s So Freakin’ Cheap.

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