What To Watch: 04/03/2021

Daniel Kaluuya will surely be a real trooper and get in…to the roles he plays on TV’s longest running sketch shows. Beyond that, it’s the usual relatively quiet Saturday, but with a better Lifetime movie than usual–they’ve been quietly inching towards prestige actually–paying tribute to a legendary gospel figure. Also, there’s the return of the show about tough men and women and the gentle dog breed that has been misconstrued as rough.

SNL [NBC, 11:30]
The number one all-time sketch show has been pretty on point this season. I can expect this trend to continue when two-time Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya hosts tonight. St. Vincent brings her quirky lovable incredible guitar talents as musical guest. Better than watching a murder show.

Robin Roberts Presents Mahalia [Lifetime, 8p]
Danielle Brooks plays Mahlia Jackson, the gospel singer and Civil Rights icon in this biopic from Robin Roberts.

Pit Bulls & Parolees [Discovery, 8p]
From the files of the Reality Shows That Do Good, this program about people and animals who are shunned by society finding each other. As a one-time co-parent of one of the sweetest dogs in the history of everything (Vinny you are missed) and a believer in rehabilitation, I’ll always have a loving place in my heart for this half-hour showcase of Tia Torres and her Villalobos Rescue.


  • They are two people hopelessly in love who have planned their wedding for three years. What could possibly go wrong? Since One Perfect Wedding is a Hallmark movie, maybe nothing at all.
  • In the same vein, Discovery+’s Passport To Love celebrates women seeking love from every corner of the planet.

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