What To Watch: 04/04/2021

It’s a big day for those who love zomb… we mean walker stories. Years in the waiting, Jerry Dean Morgan gets his close up as we learn more about TV’s greatest antivillain in a VSE of The Walking Dead. Speaking of long-awaited, we also get the spinoff to the ’00s alt-animation classic Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Large. There’s also more info on a fascinating Canadian cold case.

Birdgirl [Adult Swim, midnight]
The first of surely many spinoffs of the early-Aughts relic Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Birdgirl is the daughter of the original’s titular character who is forced to take over her dad’s company after his sudden (or slow, the trailer did not make that clear) death. Frankly, I’m just here for the Paget Brewster, underrated as a comic talent, who provides the voice of our hero.

For Heaven’s Sake [Paramount+]
This docuseries blends comedy with true crime (not unlike Erol Morris’s Tabloid) in an investigation of the mysterious disappearance of Harold Heaven, who was last seen in the vicinity of his remote Ontario cabin. The case was closed as a probable suicide after the area was searched, but Heaven’s great-great-nephew Mike Mildon, who stars and produces the series, is investigating himself with the help of friends and family. (Hopefully, the series is more truthful and less ludicrous than Erol Morrris’s work on Jeffrey MacDonald).

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Here’s Negan! The origin of one tv’s most charismatic villain will finally be revealed! And we will learn why his bat is called Lucille. It’s a shame that viewership has fallen for the walking dead. The show has been better recently. In fact it’s done something that I don’t think was possible – finding the humanity in a character like Negan.


  • Gangs of London comes from basic cable’s home for prestige drama like Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, so that’s a good selling point. Then again, AMC has also brought us Low Winter Sun and Dietland. This drama concerns a mob family whose patriarch, played by Colm Meany, dies in the first episode (but as Meaney gets first season credit, we anticipate many flashbacks), leaving the underworld in disarray.
  • We know you want to see Kyle MacLachlan as Franklin Roosevelt. Atlantic Crossing takes place in 1939 when Crown Princess Martha of Norway fled the Nazis and became friends with the First Family.
  • It’s a full-on WWII night on PBS as the Agent Cooper/Portlandia Mayor as FDR movie is paired with the documentary My Grandparents’ War.
  • Last night’s SNL host Daniel Kaluuya, next Saturday’s host Carey Mulligan, the late Chadwick Boseman (x2) and Steven Yeun are among the excellint actors up for awards at the 27th Annual SAG Awardse–the honor that can be said to most reflect the will of their peers. The reception hosted by the increasingly popular emcee No One and will air on TBS on TNT.
  • Fox gets in on the nature game with the reverent docu-special Malika the Lion Queen, chronicling a cub’s ascent to become the matriarch of its tribe.
  • Let’s end this nice little Sunday of programming with a trip into the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where we see on Lifetime the new movie Color of Love, which we hoped would be the long overdue TV movie version of Billy Ocean’s 1988 #17 hit ballad, but is actually a film about an African American family who take in two white foster children, a plot that in the right hands could spur a healthy discussion about the complex nature of race, America’s systemic racism, and parenthood. It’s on Lifetime, so, well… we’ll see. At this point, we just hope Chuck Lorre doesn’t hear about it for the premise of his next wacky multi-camera “diverse” comedy.

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