What To Watch: 06/16/2019

It’s a trad TV face-off as both the McDs & Burger King of pay cable (Showtime is definitely BK) sport new prestige dramas with celebrity ties. There’s also Brit cop prequels, feared zombies, new wave vampires, the return of a CBS procedural, an awful lot of odd mustaches and Katherine digs up a classic Lifetime movie featuring a future Golden Globe nominee.

Euphoria [HBO, 9p]
I’ve been out of high school for decades, which makes HBO’s newest unveiling fascinating and terrifying at the same time. A look into the life of teenagers on 2019, the show looks like a trippy nightmare with choices and consequences I never dreamed of when I was in high school. Also, Drake is involved. So, there’s that.

City On A Hill [Showtime, 9p]
Showtime counters with its own new gritty drama — this one is from an idea of everyone’s favorite Batman, Ben Affleck, and we’ll give you one guess in what city it’s set. Kevin Bacon stars as a corrupt FBI agent in Des Moines, Iowa… just kidding, of course it’s in Boston. There’s plenty reasons this could be awful, but just as many that this could be great. And that sums up Affleck’s career in a nutshell.

Too Young To Be A Dad [LMN, 8p]
This 2002 classic stars Paul Dano as a studio virgin who gets his girlfriend pregnant during their first tryst (like so many 16 And Pregnant stars!) shocking his (frankly, pretty rude and controlling) parents, played by Kathy Baker and Bruce Davidson. The pregnant teen doesn’t want the baby and the pushy parents takeover to raise the child, if I remember my teenage nightmares correctly.



  • A sixth series of the Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour drops on PBS tonight, but based on polling of two out of two moms we know, it’s young Endeavour Morse’s stache that stands out, and they are NOT fans of the DCI’s new look. We didn’t ask about Kevin Bacon’s lip hair seen above, but we figure it would not fare much better.
  • The plot thickens on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. What is up with the radiation? Who is blocking the roads? Who is hanging the zombie heads up? This season is full of mysteries. One that could even involve… Rick Grimes?
  • CBS’ procedural Instinct, which we’ll givee the benefit of the doubt for Alan Cumming — who stars here as an ex-military, crime-solving psychologist, was originally based on James “Publishes One Book A Day” Patterson’s novel Murder Games, which would make a much better title, but, you know, it’s CBS.
  • The ARDYs might seem new, but it’s actually a rebranding of the Radio Disney Music Awards. In any case, they are hosted by Sofia Carson and air, logically enough, on the Disney Channel.
  • Game Changers: Inside The Video Game Wars is the History Channel’s addition to the chronicling of the endlessly documentable behind-the-scenes history of animated game playing. This one would seem to track from Pong and the Atari 2600, through Nintendo’s many iterations, and even up to more recent inventions in virtual entertainment.

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