What To Watch: 06/17/2019

Tonight’s new television is absolutely dominated by sequels and reboots (das reboots even). We’ve got a remake of a popular Spanish drama. There’s the unlikely update of what’s considered by many the greatest German film of all time. Then there’s the spinoff of a gritty Brit procedural that’s for whatever reason not really a spinoff in its U.S. release, but a third season of the original. Oh, and there’s also an existing ID show that takes a specific focus on cults. It’s a wacky world that’s not particularly wacky, but deadly serious.

Grand Hotel [ABC, 10p]
Eva Longoria executive produces the American version of the Spanish series of the same name (Gran Hotel). The telenovela gets a facelift in the form of present-day Miami, chronicling the lives and drama of the last family-owned hotel in South Beach. Besides Eva in the director’s seat, extra points for a show that can boast 50% women in the writer’s room and a woman DP. Bienvenidos a Miami!

Das Boot [Hulu]
While in some ways, the idea of a sequel to the classic German film Das Boot seems a joke akin to Hamlet 2 or Titanic: The Sequel, but WWII did go on, the author of the novel the movie was based did himself write a sequel, and gotta admit I’m intrigued to see the next chapter of the u-boats.

People Magazine Investigates: Cults [ID, 9p]
People investigates Heaven’s Gate, a macabre cult I can never resist. So dark! So fashionable! If we’re lucky maybe they’ll interview the surviving members (who keep a website running!)



  • The third season of The Missing on Hulu is actually a spin-off of the gritty crime drama starring Tchéky Karyo as Detective Julien Baptiste — it was titled Baptiste abroad. This season (or new series for anglophiles & other Murica-haters) finds the semi-titular character feeling changed after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor, but still charger with solving a new case.
  • With all this cinematic prestige TV, it’s unsurprising that a certain classic MTV awards show would expand its coverage. Serial programs need their best kisses memorialized too. The astronaut-shaped trophies are meted out tonight on the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Zachary Levi hosts.
  • The improv game show Drew Carey brought across the pond, Whose Line Is It Anyway? — returns on The CW with most of the original beloved players like Wayne Brady and Greg Proops back and Aisha Tyler at the helm giving out pointless points.

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