What To Watch: 04/10/2019

We here are all still reeling from Patrick’s proposal to David, so a version of one of humanity’s all-time musicals put on by Catherine O’Hara’s woman built from vanity and all the two-dollar words a one-time millionaire could afford is a Schitt made to order. At other points of the “dial,” what happens when a famous adventurer chooses his own (or goes Bandersnatch), yet another movie that mixes danger and one of the five senses, and a gaggle of intense (even more so than usual) magicians.


You Vs. Wild [Netflix]
Never been a huge fan (nor detractor) of adventurer Bear Grylls, but as a fan of meta and deconstruction, gotta cop to it: color me intrigued. Word is this is created in the vein of Black Mirror‘s super-fun CYOA episode “Bandersnatch.” I’m not entirely sure what that all means in this context, but it’s certainly worth a looksie.

Schitt’s Creek [Pop, 10p]
Finally, it’s showtime, as the season finale centers around the opening night of Cabaret — which seems to be overshadowing everything else in town, including David. Will Stevie survive her performing debut? Looking forward to our fave D-list celebrity family leaving things on a high note as the fifth season closes.

The Magicians [Syfy, 9p]
With just a couple of episodes left in the season, things are getting intense. The monster has kidnapped Julia to be a vessel for his sister, Zelda has discovered Everett is hoarding magic, and worse she’s discovered what for.



  • Already kind of being made fun of as “A Quiet Bird Box,” The Silence has Stanley Tucci, comes out today on Netflix, and if it’s quality is somewhere between these two movies, that’s good, and even if not, could still be a lot of fun.
  • We have not written much about ABC’s Schooled, as the Goldbergs spin-off got off to kind of a confused start, but given most of our editors’ background in college radio, we have to make note of an episode where the high schoolers start their own station. There’s also mascot shenanigans, and we’re all about that too.
  • Our favorite Staten Island vampire clan is besieged by werewolves on the third episode of FX’s What We Do In The Shadows.

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