What To Watch: 04/11/2019

If you’re feeling walker withdrawal, and don’t want to wait for Robert Kirkman’s third series announced this week, another long-running zombie program spins off to Netflix (so that’s a whole season to gorge upon).

Black Summer [Netflix]
It’s gonna be a bad summer in the zombie apocalypse. This eight episode Z Nation spin off debuts on Netflix today. Jamie King plays a mother trying to reunite with her daughter during one trying summer of the living dead.

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
It’s unconventional challenge time! The designers are taking a trip to the great outdoors this week, creating their looks out of nature and camping supplies. It also looks like they’re going to be creating these looks at the campground.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
Our March Madness champion rolls on as Jake and Amy are already celebrating their first anniversary, but of course work intrudes as they have to spend it standing watch over a comatose person of interest.



  • With the title Double Shot At Love with Vinny and Pauly D, we kinda, sorta (really!) hoped the MTV Jersey Shore duo were trying to tell us something, but, no, they’re probably going to try dating other people, while bro-ing out in a telling manner.
  • On the rest of the NBC schedule, we’ve got Superstore where a salary leak puts Amy on blast, A.P. Bio has Jack trying to get things going with new crush, his delightfully odd match Lynette, played by Elizabeth Alderfer, and new fun backyard bar comedy Abby’s has its excellent cast playing sloshed as a promoter brings free booze.
  • On new Food Network showcase The Flay List, celebrity chef Bobby Flay puts down the tongs and cook’s hat and roams around NYC with his daughter Sophie as the pair introduce one another to each other’s favorite places to nosh.
  • Tonight on Pamela Adlon’s just-getting-by FX show Better Things, the episode title is “Toilet” and the description on TV Guide is simply “Sam preps,” so do with that what you will.


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