What To Watch: 04/04/2019

The kings (or queens) of college age programming — Freeform and The CW — bring us vastly different shows, one a quirky comedy that may skate on the edge of bad taste, but has a stellar pedigree, the other an under-the-radar Marvel superhero duo coming back for a second season. Meanwhile, Jason digs deep into streaming to answer the question “What if Comedy Bang! Bang! was set in a school for magical beings?”

In The Dark [The CW, 9p]
A woman finds the body of her friend, but when the police arrive the body is nowhere to be found. She decides to figure out what happened to her friend. In The Dark’s pilot is directed by Michael Showalter, who is known mostly for comedies. Color us intrigued.

Live From WZRD [VRV]
Over on the most nerdy new streaming site, VRV, lies this new gem which features actor/MC/frequent podcast guest Open Mike Eagle and Dani Fernandez hosting a campus cable variety show. The twist is that said campus is an off-brand Hogwarts, and the camera is run by an orc.

Project Runway [Bravo, 8p]
It’s unconventional challenge time! The designers are taking a trip to the great outdoors this week, creating their looks out of nature and camping supplies. It also looks like they’re going to be creating these looks at the campground.



  • Tyrone and Tandy — their powers only getting stronger in hiding — return for a second season of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. There’s a double shot tonight on Freeform.
  • An unlikely source fuels the Sundance streaming mini-series Unspeakable, an outbreak of HIV and Hepatitis C stemming from a batch of tainted blood in the Canadian supply.
  • Some powers are making sure Wife Swap comes back to the air, as it return switches from CMT to Paramount. We believe it may be the same forces behind the rise of Trump.
  • The excellent NBC line-up features Amy butting heads with a rival on Superstore as Michelle hosts a murder mystery on A.P. Bio.
  • Finally, don’t forget to vote in our March Madness Elite 8 — and if you want a theme, you can do it while watching one of the remaining eight programs, RuPaul’s Drag Race, on VH1.

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