What To Watch: 02/13/2019

YouTube is truly starting to play with the big boys of original content, as the home of make-up tutorials and EVERY VIDEO FOR EVERY SONG IN HISTORY unveils its latest scripted series, and its a Jordan Peele production with an impressive cast. We are truly living in a Golden Age. There’s also tripping out students, sex-crazed worsts, woke relationships, and pigs that are amazing enough to be recognized as such by the Smithsonian (channel).

Weird City [YouTube Premium]
When a young football player in the NFL steps up and starts playing at an elite level, it is said that the game slows down for him. Something similar seems to be happening for Jordan Peele these past few years as time seems to move at a much slower rate. This is just one of two sci-fi anthologies the writer/actor/director/comedian is developing this year (along with the latest Twilight Zone reboot). The action takes place in the future in a city called Weird with a cool cast including Steven Yuen, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera, and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

You’re The Worst [FXX, 10p]
Jimmy promises a week of “no strings attached” sex for Gretchen. Something is bound to go wrong, the least of which is chafing.

Deadly Class [Syfy, 10p]
On a mission to Vegas, Marcus takes too much acid. On a show that is trippy to begin with, this episode should blow our minds. And Henry Rollins might do stuff!

Grown-ish [Freeform, 8p]
Last week, this spin-off dove into the concept of enthusiastic sober consent. Zoey and Luca navigated some relationship jealousy and Aaron and Ana flirted in secret. This week Jazz wants to revamp her online image in hopes of more attention (and sports sponsorships?) prompting the gang to contemplate image and empowerment.



  • This pig sees you adding bacon to that burger and wants you to watch his new Smithsonian Channel special Amazing Pigs and think really hard about what you are doing. As if those dueling Fyre Festival docs didn’t have us questioning our meat-eating ways (that was the moral right? That and that Jerry Media can do the remainder of their name to themselves).
  • Travel Channel’s latest trip to realms beyond would seem to be pretty much what the title suggests — that title is Paranormal Caught On Camera.
  • The latest goofy pairing on TNT’s rap battle extravaganza, Drop The Mic, pits Jay vs. Silent Bob. Presumably, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will not be in character, although silence does usually beat Jay’s stream-of-unconsciousness (wait, what are we saying — has Jason Mewes ever NOT been in character?). Less logical is Lonzo Ball vs. T-Pain, but we look forward to Papa Ball’s extended rant on auto-tune.

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