What to Watch: 11/28/2018

Vikings, Homicide, Hunters, Catfish, Conan, Devious Jugheads … it’s a nice l’il Tuesday we got.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
WHO IS THE GARGOYLE KING? I’m very confused by the infusion of supernatural into this show. I’m hoping it’s like Sherlock Holmes in that there is a very scientific explanation for everything at the end.

Homicide Hunter [ID, 9p]
Kenda is stumped by a murder made to look like a suicide–revealed to be a sham when he has to make a run for it because the house is booby trapped–only to figure it out when a couple of teens find bones in the woods. Wow, this crime has everything.

Conan In Japan [TBS, 10p]
The latest chapter to the always appealing A Conan Abroad series takes our quirky hero to the land of the rising sun.



  • A lot of people love The History Channel’s Vikings, to the tune of five seasons with the promise of a sixth. It comes back from its mid-season break tonight as we bask in the tale of Bjorn Ironside.
  • For some people, Christmas begins when Santa crosses in front of Macy’s, while for others it’s when they buy their own tree. For Muzak programmers, it seems to now be sometime in early October (sick puppies!). Another popular marker takes place less than a mile away from that first one, in Rockefeller Center, as the tree lighting, It’s tonight, it’s on NBC, and the official title is simply Christmas In Rockefeller Center.
  • You’d think by now, after a movie and over 100 episodes over seven season, the Catfish well might have run dry, but you’d apparently be wrong as Nev and Max keep turning over rocks to find the lovelorn. Tonight,  it returns on MTV with the tale of Mike & Joey, a wannabe sugar baby and the simple mechanic he fell for on Grindr.
  • Caveman-titled Man Fire Food has been a showcase for Roger Mooking’s flame skillz since 2012. Its eighth season starts tonight on Cooking Channel.

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