What to Watch: 11/29/2018

There’s a new sassy and surreal C Dubs show on the block. Meanwhile, the premier ’90s news show (by a nose over NewsRadio) continues to tackle the insanity attacking the free press in the age of Trump … all that and savory Santa schmaltz.

Legacies [The CW, 9p]
I started watching this show by accident because it started playing automatically on the webplayer and then I couldn’t stop? It’s a spinoff of a spinoff of a show I never watched, but boy oh boy do I love a supernatural high school. I also just need to know Landon’s story is.

Murphy Brown [CBS, 9:30p]
Call it a Very Special Episode for these trying times. The cheeky episode title (“Beat The Press”) belies a darker response to our current POTUS’ dubbing the news media the “Enemy of the People” (that doesn’t ring any autocratic bells at all). Frank gets assaulted covering a rally while Murphy’s potential guest frightens her.

Dear Santa [Lifetime, 8p]
A lonely woman, a mere 24!, finds a letter from a little girl asking Santa to find her Dad a mate. The woman, clearly an old maid, who will stop at nothing to find a man (opening mail that’s not yours is a federal crime, girl!), decides that she should be that woman. Pass the wine, y’all, this sounds bad.



  • We never thought we’d even mention CMT, but it’s Dolly Parton, so here we are. Dolly and Friends: The Making of a Soundtrack chronicles the singer as she collaborates with legends ranging from Mavis Staples to Macy Gray to Alison Krauss to create the music for the movie Dumplin.
  • ID’s latest true crime series Cold Valley focuses on a series of unsolved murders from the early-’80s in a sleepy (always sleepy) part of Missouri.
  • In the quasi-true crime world, NBC’s tentpole Law & Order: SVU promises a cool headline rip as a hot new author murdered provides this week’s central case.
  • Speaking of tentpoles, Sam and Dean float on OK on Supernatural, a show that’s been on The CW since that Modest Mouse song was a hit (that would be 14 seasons). Man, we feel old!

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