What to Watch: 12/22/2015

Galaxies go to war; Muppets add another song about rainbows, what’s on the other side, to the mix; ABC looks back at the year that was…

The Expanse [SyFy, 10p]
I didn’t know what a space opera was until now but not sure how I lived without it. Follow as a detective and captain join forces to solve the case of a missing woman 200 years in the future only to discover the biggest conspiracy in the universe. Mwahahaha (evil laugh).

The Muppet Movie [AMC, 6 p}
“Anyone can make it, no matter how young, now matter how green,” proclaimed the trailer for the Muppets’ 1979-origin story.

The Year: 2015 [ABC, 9p]
ABC looks back at a year that happened. That’s all I got.

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