What To Watch: 05/19/2022

Emmy Rossum returns to the small screen, this time on NBC’s signature streaming service. So does standup, College Humor breakout star, and professional ruiner Adam Conover in a new Netflix reality show. And we return once more to Flatch, Ohio, secure in the knowledge that its kooky denizens will get a second season.

Angelyne [Peacock]
Emmy Rossum stars in this limited series about the rise of Angelyne, the mysterious L.A. icon whose identity wasn’t revealed until 2017. 

The G Word with Adam Conover [Netflix]
Arguably doing a reverse ruin, comedian Adam Conover returns to television trying to explain the ins and outs, the good and evils, the positives and negatives about American government–ostensibly trying to remove its attached stigma while also lifting some of the veil of secrecy. 

Welcome to Flatch [Fox, 9p]
Who would think that Father Joe would miss Kelly and Shub? However, with Shrub at his new job and Kelly getting a role in a local commercial, he does. In a side note Shrub and Kelly get lost in the woods. As I’ve said before, if you aren’t watching welcome to Flatch, what is wrong with you?


  • If you need to get your period spy drama on, particularly with some Hollywood talent, don’t miss AMC+’s The Ipcress File which stars Tom Hollander and Lucy Boynton and takes place in 1960s London and Berlin.

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