What To Watch: 02/06/2022

While HBO and Showtime roll out their current Sunday night line-ups (and they are good ones), the two major pieces of debuting content are both very particularly niche titles, but if you are an NFL fan or a 50 Cent/flashy crime drama fan, you’re in luck.

The Tuck Rule [ESPN, 8:30p]
Easily the best choice if you’re an NFL fan tonight, and perfectly placed to celebrate Tom Brady’s retirement, whether you are a fan or a hater. As a Buffalo Bills fan, I’ve mostly found myself in the latter camp as he beat my favorite team over 30 times in the past two decades plus. However, it’s weird to wander back in time and remember that at the time the “tuck rule” happened, I was actually rooting for them–or maybe it was just that, as I had no dog in the show, I wanted the exciting game to continue. It was a moment where an obscure rule (that has since been erased from the rule book) changed the course of a season, and arguably the next two decades of football.

Euphoria [HBO, 9p]
The tagline for this week’s episode is “fate catches up with those who try to outrun it.” That could apply to any episode, but this episode it is especially prescient especially for Cassie. She’s been heading towards a breakdown and puking in a hot tub full of her friends was just the beginning. And the tension between Rue and Jules is Heading nowhere good fast. That’s the thrill with this show. You don’t know what is going to happen next.


  • In the remainder of the HBO line-up, on The Righteous Gemstones, the titular family is bracing after a series of falls, failuers, and attacks. And on one of the most lovely new shows of 2022, it’s a day of awkward meetings for both Sam and Joel on Somebody Somewhere. We’re just happy to see two Scholars favorites (Bridget Everett and Joel Hiller) in starring roles.
  • Showtime’s three episodes into the sixth season of Billions, their first without Damian Lewis. Corey Stohl’s enigmatic businessman Michael Prince takes over as the foil for Paul Giamatti’s driven politician, and so far the show has charted a different path as both have wielded their powerful fists at the Billionaire class (the one Michael Prince is very much a part of). Will the enemies be working towards the same goal, or will Prince’s greed and/or narcissm take over now that he is the head of the hedge fund formerly known as Axe Capital? We’re genuinely baffled.
  • If anyone cares, the worst all-star game in the major 4 sports plays tonight with bizarrely neither Matthew Stafford nor Josh Allen selected to the game. It’s the 2022 Pro Bowl and it’s on ABC and ESPN. Of slightly more significance (although there are so so many athletes who have pulled out in protest) is the 2022 Winter Olympics Games happening in China.
  • If 50 Cent’s Power franchise were a battery, it would seemingly never run out of… juice(?). In any case, the latest iteration is Power Book IV: Force. The sequel series–on, where else, Starz—focuses on Joseph Sikora’s character of Tommy Egan.
  • Run to the hills as there will definitely be some breaking the law as Reelz gets back to its MTV-circa-1992 mirroring as it brings a pair of music documentaries. Both focus on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the guys from Sum 41 should be ready to praise as the hourlong bios are Iron Maiden: Breaking the Band and Judas Priest: Breaking the Band.
  • The closest thing we have for a Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex movie to close on is the UP flick Listen Out for Love. If you’re looking for those Lifetime/Hallmark rom-com beats, this movie about an attractive couple meeting while putting together a podcast should suffice.

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