What To Watch: 11/12/2021

Disney wants to showcase all its holdings and since Once Upon a Time is long off the air, holding a Disney+ Day is one way to do it. They’re displaying new content from the worlds Marvel, Star Wars, Simpsons, Pixar, and Goldblum. Apple TV, not to be outdone, rolls out its Peanuts, and you don’t want to mess with Snoopy, along with a movie starring a pair of A-listers. Amazon Prime hangs in with a documentary about the potential first gay President.

Red Notice [Netflix]
This action film stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot. An FBI profiler, in pursuit of a prolific art thief, needs help from a criminal to save his career. It looks terrible and satisfying all at once.

The Shrink Next Door [Apple TV]
Part dark comedy, part thriller (with a balance that looks somewhere between Woody Allen and The Coen Brothers), this new series is based on a podcast which was itself based on the real story of a psychiatrist who manipulated and controlled his clients through his odd charm. With Paul Rudd as the titular shrink and Will Ferrell as the client–a timid carpet manufacturer–he bilked out of millions and his home, why would you not at least give this a chance? What if we told you it also had Kathryn Hahn as Ferrell’s sister and Casey Wilson as Rudd’s wife.

Always Jane [Amazon Prime]
This four part docuseries follows Jane, a young transgender teenager, and her family as they navigate her transition and she prepares to leave home for college. 

The World According to Jeff Goldblum [Disney+]
Oh Jeff Goldblum.. does this world deserve you? The second season of his unique showcase has arrived! Watch Jeff learn and explain things. You will be entertained but you will learn. Just let Jeff be your guide. You’re in good hands. Life… uh, finds a way.


  • OK, based on the trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone, its only differences from the original 1990 film is the house being in Britain (adding an ocean between mother and son) and the burglars being more sympathetic. The one upside is it does have a similarly outstanding cast, including Aisling Bea, Pete Holmes, Ellie Kemper, and Rob Delaney. It’s part of Disney+’s big day.
  • Disney+’s celebration also includes new features from many corners of its empire of acquisitions. For Star Wars nerds, we’ve got a new angle on everyone’s favorite bounty hunter/Sarlacc snack Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett. If Marvel’s your thang, they look back past their most recent flick for whatever reason to unveil Marvel Assembled: The Making of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. For Simpsons fans, the new treat is The Simpsons in Plusaversary–a big ol’ crossover event with the traditional Disney universe.
  • Speaking of traditional (but not THAT traditional), that snowman Anna finally got to build in Frozen sounds off in Olaf Presents. The premise would seem to be the goofy Olaf recreating famous Disney tales.
  • Apple TV will try to raise Disney+ one beloved beagle as Charlie Brown’s dog is shot into space for a second time along with his trusty pal Woodstock for Snoopy in Space. Two years ago, our canine hero stopped at the moon, but this time he goes Casey Kasem on us and reaches for the stars.
  • It’s an unusual sort of one-on-one as two retired NBA superstars are profiled on two different channels tonight. Showtime airs a delayed movie about the Timberwolves/Celtics/Nets legend who loves to scream with Kevin Garnett: Anything is Possible. Meanwhile, on Amazon Prime, the Spanish baller, brother of Mark and big man for the Grizzlies, Lakers, Bulls, Spurs, and briefly the Bucks gets his due in docu-series form with Pau Gasol: It’s About the Journey. Wait, we called Gasol retired… well, he is from the NBA, but this documentary is about his return to his home team in Barcelona coming off surgery and after 40, an age basketball players rarely play, let alone, excel after.
  • One of the oddest flourishing franchises continues to churn out content as another season of 90 Day: The Single Life. Honestly, we don’t understand the differences between the various iterations and we’re fine with that. However, we do love this Dante Elephante song the series inspired.
  • Pete Buttigieg has had the sort of beginning to his career that most politicians would kill for (and many probably have): after a successful run starting in his mid-20s as the mayor of a medium-sized town, he wowed nationally as a relative unknown when he ran for DNC chair. His Presidential run went further than one could expect and earned him a spot in ultimate winner Joe Biden’s cabinet as Secretary of Transportation. However, he’ll always be known as Mayor Pete, hence that is the title of the Amazon Prime docu-pic about him.
  • It’s time for our LHV round-up. For the uninitiated (everyone, including most of our editors), the LHV is the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, where a certain sort of TV movie populates the land. On Hallmark, we have their latest celebration of the season (they’ve been at it since mid-October), Open By Christmas. Allison Sweeney plays a 30-something single woman who finds an old love letter which could be from one of two ruggedly handsome dudes. Lifetime is offering the wonderfully titled An Ice Wine Christmas, about a spark of love mingling with the spirit of the season at the titular event in the fictional town of Evergreen (get it?), NY. We wish we ended with that one, because the new feature at LMN is the murder in the world of soccer moms thriller Strike Her Dead, which was even more disturbingly typo’d at a certain TV aggregator as “Strike Her Dad.”

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