What To Watch: 04/18/2021

It’s Sunday, and like many Sundays, that means a new premium cable gloomy thriller. HBO gives us the latest chilling police drama in a small town. If that’s not dark enough, then check out the true story of one woman’s quest to drain a serial killer for reveals of all the women he murdered. Sunday also means there is a good chance that dead are walking in one form or another. If it’s lighter fare you crave, Netflix profiles a Latin pop star.

Mare of Easttown [HBO, 10p]
Kate Winslet stars in this limited drama series about a small town detective investigating a murder “as life crumbles around her.” Like Broadchurch, but set in Pennsylvania. To our delight, Jean Smart also stars.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
It’s our first ever case of “The Great North did it” on tonight’s The Simpsons, Lisa was looking for an imaginary friend and then she found an imaginary friend and heaven knows she’s miserable now. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the 1980s British singer who lives in her head and on Fox. If there remained any doubt who her friend is supposed to be, the episode is titled “Panic on the Streets of Springfield.” 

Luis Miguel: The Series [Netflix]
The series based on the life and career of the Mexican superstar returns and proves real life can be stranger than fiction. While the first season focused on his tumultuous childhood and early rise to fame, this season digs a little deeper into his personal life. Taking place between two timelines–one in the ’90s where he is struggling to care for his brothers and one in the 2000s where he attempts to rebuild a relationship with his daughter–the central theme is family. I’m here for all the telenovela-esque shows about Latin Music greats. 

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Last episode was a real heartbreaker–now come the consequences. June is going to be out for Virginia’s head. And what will happen to Dakota? They really upped the ante and there’s going to be hell to pay. Oh and don’t forget the zombies…


  • Dr. Guralnik welcomes three new couples for the second season of the Showtime docu-series Couples Therapy and–SPOILER ALERT–one couple is a ghost and a robot! Or at least that’s how they feel. It would have been cooler if they were an actual ghost and robot. It would have been nice to have ghosts and robots.
  • It’s a plotline straight out of a special episode of Law & Order: SVU or Criminal Minds, but Confronting a Serial Killer on Starz tells the real story of Jillian Lauren, who stares the evil of serial killer Sam Little in the face in order to get closure for the families of the 93 women he claimed to kill. 
  • ZZ Top once called them good when “there’s nothing else to eat” and while they haven’t gone entirely away, TV dinners do seem to conjure up thoughts of a day that is yester. They are just one of the quickly prepared meals and processed foods that are chronicled in the new History Channel spin-off, The Food That Built America: Snack Sized.
  • In a similar vein of grotesquerie, Fangoria hands out the 2021 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards on, where else, Shudder. The fabled magazine that celebrates all things gory has been holding this ceremony since 1992.
  • Epix has some great shows once you know where to find them. Godfather of Harlem stars Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker as 1960s gangster Bumpy Johnson. Its second season begins today.
  • It’s presented by Andrew Cuomo and Walgreen’s but it’s heart is in the right place. That’s one possible way of describing the NBC special Roll Up Your Sleeves that is a long PSA for a good cause–getting people vaccinated.
  • It’s time for our speed round through the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex–that distant arboretum where a certain sort of thriller and/or rom-com go to thrive. Up TV brings us Starting Up Love, a movie. Over on Oxygen, the main feature is Mastermind of Murder, which sounds like a true crime investigation. Finally, Lifetime’s movie is Revenge Delivered, and we’re gonna spend about as much time on that as they spent coming up with that title. It involves doctors.

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