What To Watch: 02/21/2020

If it’s Friday, it must be streaming — and we’ve got a doozy of a night for new content, led by the TV debut of an acting legend, the final season premiere of one of the greatest movie series most beloved small screen spinoffs, and a new dramedy from the all-star team of America Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama.

Hunters [Amazon Prime]
Al Pacino stars in this ensemble drama about a ragtag group united by a thirst for revenge in 1970s America. Pacino is embarrassingly proud that he’s never done a “TV show” (is Prime a TV show, though?) until now, and he may be over boasting (the reviews are not great), but when it comes to nazi hunting, well, I can’t turn it down.

Gentefied [Netflix]
Can gentrification be funny? That’s one of the questions Netflix hopes to answer in its new comedy series “Gentefied.” Executive produced by America Ferrera and based on the digital series “Gente-fied,” the show follows the chronicles of the Morales cousins as they band together to help save their grandfather’s taqueria in the ever gentrifying Boyle Heights. Besides a stellar cast I’m really looking forward to a more nuanced look at not only gentrification, but other Latinx themes like code switching, the idea of self-gentrification AND finally getting the correct pronunciation of Latinx.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Disney+]
When the original series of this offshoot ended, it left a lot of unanswered questions. Thankfully, Disney+ has resurrected the fan favorite show. Not a lot is known about what to expect, but be sure it involves Ashoka.



  • Come for the cuteness, stay for the science (and/or the parental advice). Netflix’s newest series Babies may sound like the spin-off of the 2010 French film of the same name, but where that one took more of a nature doc angle, this is more about trying to divine just what it is that makes these tiny helpless marvels tick. However, that does not mean it skimps on the adorable.
  • Also from the “Don’t we have YouTube for that?” files, we have the debut of the third season of Comedy Central’s This Week At The Comedy Cellar, a blend of rising and established comedians delivered in small bites in front of that classic brick wall.
  • Back to Netflix, the Argentine import Puerta 7 dramatizes one woman’s struggle to rid that country’s futbol of corruption (we guess FIFA’s the next big boss to be fought in the second season).
  • Rapper-turned-paranormal-investigator Steve Shippy delves into the real life supernatural mysteries that inconveniently happen on neither the right or left coast. We suppose Haunting in the Heartland is about Travel (it airs on the Travel Channel) as it shows you around different parts of the Central USA? Shrug.

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