What To Watch: 07/14/2019


The dead are still fearfully walking, the food trucks are racing, claws ladies are getting further and further into the much, and Grantchester is doing whatever it is that he do.

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
It’s been a bit all over the place this season, but it’s nice to have Dwight back for sure. That said, these mysteries need a little clarification. Hopefully we will get some this week.

Claws [TNT, 9p]
Desna’s brother has just about had enough, and while I can’t really blame him, messing about with the creepy, evil casino couple might not be the best of ideas. Also, Big Daddy is still scheming. It’s also been a bit all over the place this year, but it’s still one of the most fun watches on television.

The Great Food Truck Race [Food, 9p]
The final four trucks are in Fort Lauderdale! This week they are throwing javelins to determine their protein for a skewer competition. The winner gets to choose another truck to pair up with! You always get a bigger crowd with a grouping of food trucks, so this would be a good advantage.



  • There’s a new vicar in Grantchester as Tom Brittney’s Will Davenport takes over for James Norton’s Sidney Chambers. We’re sure he’ll be just as charming, yet brooding as he helps solve the most British of 1950s crimes. Where else but PBS?

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