What to Watch: 02/15/2018

It’s one of those nights when shows about competitive darts or swamp people seem all the more captivating (and there’s a lot of the latter). We’ve joked about the Olympics here, but the escapades on ice have been, well, awesome this year.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show [Nat Geo, 8p]
I say this without irony: I love a dog show. I love seeing all of the good boys and sweet girls trot on a lead with their minder, who is wearing a dreadful suit. It’s like ASMR, but with dogs. This is only day one, which means–in my mind–significantly more pleasant pomp than we get on Thanksgiving.

Stargate: Origins [Stargate Command]
It’s a new television landscape, as the latest Stargate installment is unveiled, streaming only on the program’s own website. It is, after all, sci-fi’s mission to boldly explore new frontiers–ok, I’m metaphorically mixing obsessive space-based shows, but it works. Maybe. It’s nothing short of spectacular that such a massive universe has spawned from a movie which opened to decidedly tepid reviews, but it’s elements are usually reliably fun, and this prequel features Ellie Gall as a young Catherine Lankford trying to save the Earth.



  • More shows with realms, as six episodes into Freeform’s Beyond finds the heroes trying to lure out more info about each other (and themselves).
  • It’s finally curling time in the 2018 Winter Olympics as Canada takes on Norway. That, along with hockey, luge, biathlon and much else highlights tonight’s events, which, as usual, all enfold on NBC.


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