Monday’s Best Reviewed: Lucifer

It’s a pretty quiet Monday night following the exits of reviewer heavyweights Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Better Call Saul, although Jane the Virgin still has episodes to air. However, it is not the acclaimed telenovela update that rules the roost, but the one-time critical punching bag starring Tom Ellis as a smooth-talking demon. It’s slowly started to win fans throughout the year, and with a stirring finale, it looks as if its somewhat surprising renewal may be warranted. 12 Monkeys continues its second season favor with most — although Emily L. Stephens at AV Club is a noticeable exception, calling the show out for “muddled, overstuffed storytelling.”

Monday, April 25th’s Best: Lucifer (9.5/10)


Lucifer‘s reviews in its first season have not been overly kind — to put it lightly. However, the season finale wins the night handily. LaToya Ferguson at AV Club calls it a reverse-Sleepy Hollow, in where the latter started off taking a ridiculous premise and making it work before losing its way in this past season, “Lucifer started off as a critical joke and has become a show that realizes its strengths and weaknesses in a way that makes its upcoming second season something to look forward to instead of mock.” TV Fanatic‘s Lisa Babick observes the change thusly: “The mediocre procedural elements have become background music for the bigger picture. The relationships between characters, and how they all fit into Lucifer’s quest to change people’s perception of him have taken center stage.”

The Rest of the Night:


Jane the Virgin – 8.3

Bates Motel – 8.0

12 Monkeys – 7.3

Blindspot – 7.0

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