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What to Watch: 09/14/2016

Bill Hader and a Master Chef have something to present to Mr. Robot‘s pal Angela, and have much different ways of saying it. It’s another September day of comings and goings as we’re a week away from the Fall 2016 flood.

Documentary Now! [IFC, 10p]
The cleverest satire on television returns for a second season as SNL-alums Armisen and Hader set their sites on the juicy (and more than a little relevant) world of insider politics docs like The War Room tonight.

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
After last week I’m wondering who is left standing from Elliott’s crew. And if Elliott IS the Dark Army. This season I change theories like my underwear.

MasterChef  [Fox, 8p]
Tonight’s two-part, two-hour finale finds the final home cooks with an hour each to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert. At the end of these mundane minutes, one of the most boring MasterChefs will win $250,000, a book deal, and a trophy.



  • Ryan Murphy has decided to add to the mystery of his horror anthology, by holding it’s location’s secret right up to season six’s debut tonight on FX. However, we’ll get them back by not telling them when we’re gonna stop watching American Horror Story: Sewing Circle(?) this season. We keed. Mostly.
  • Blindspot returns with all its tattooed mystery. While no one on our staff watches it, we hear good things about it. Sorry, NBC.
  • But then NBC can’t complain as they will be announcing who is the most talented person in America tonight, and then I’m pretty sure that person will be crowned POTUS directly following, on America’s Got Talent tonight on NBC. Ha, our democracy is dying. Sob!
  • Meanwhile, the competition for the most terrible chef in the world opens up a ninth year on Worst Cooks in America on Food Network, which is a show that exists. More sob!
  • Finally, Comedy Central debuts its latest edgy animated series Legends of Chamberlain Heights right after the season 20{!!!!} debut of South Park, which focuses on, what else, the election. I’m gonna take a wild guess that Trey & Matt call for a pox on both houses. Call it a hunch!