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What to Watch: 07/01/2016

There’s a surprising lot of options if you’re in for a binge or an a la carte as you prep for the 4th weekend – or even more if you’re doing nothing, why are we assuming, we’ve no particular plans. Why, are you having a barbecue … not that we’re hinting or anything.


Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America [Cartoon, 12a]

It’s a satire with bite (sorry!) of that particular brand of indie talkfest where a celebrity invites friends for dinner and cutting conversation, always-provocative comedian Brett Gelman invites four distinguished African-American actors for a discussion that willfully goes off the rails. There’s probably a point at its end, but there’s gonna be a lot of awkwardness before we get there.


Marcella [Netflix]

Well now that the season finale of Orphan Black has left a big, huge gaping hole in my programming schedule I’m on the hunt for another British-born thriller with a woman protagonist. Enter the new series Marcella, about a London detective struggling to keep her personal and professional life together. Yay for cop drama and accents!


Gone with the Wind [TCM, 9:15p]

Make sure Seamless arrives by 9, because the Scarlett O’Hara epic is long.



  • It’s the first of dueling NFL in-depth behind-the-scenes team profiles. Amazon brings us All or Nothing, the story of last year’s NFC runners-up, the Arizona Cardinals – so by the title’s logic, it was “nothing.”
  • Netflix truly desires to chart your July couch potato life, with debuts including the second season of 14th Century period piece Marco Polo, sci-fi headscratcher Between (also in its second go-around), to go along with the aforementioned debut of the latest in the line of British detectives trying to solve crimes while their life crashes around them, Marcella.
  • If interplanetary bounty hunters is your bag, Space brings you the return of Killjoys for its second season debut.
  • For those who love baking shows, but can’t stand the yelling, we absolutely adore the British gentility of The Great British Baking Show which returns for season three on PBS.