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What to Watch: 09/01/2016

There’s a lot of televised craziness going on tonight, so, holy hell, let’s not get stuck in our tracks or flip out, let’s just list some shows!

Tracks [Spike, 10p]
An inventive twist on classic Name That Tune, Tracks tests music fans on their abilities to identify familiar songs with only the information gleaned from one track — that is, one instrument’s contribution to the song. This could be genius or awful, but it’s got the Christina Aguilera imprint on it, so you know.

Holy Hell [CNN, 9p]
CNN airs the documentary Holy Hell, a look at a 1980s Hollywood cult called Buddha Field. Nobody died (as far as we know) but there is a heart aching sadness in disappointment in its former members, who are interviewed. Filmmaker William Francisco Allen filmed the cult while a member and uses his archival footage as well.

Flipping Out [Bravo, 9p]
Jeff and Zoila get into a fight?? Oh noooo. Is this the end of our fave smart-talking, margarita-making house manager???



  • Reason #8357 you don’t want to mess with cartels is you’ll soon be searching for a new life, and it would appear that’s what most of the characters on USA’s Queen of the South are doing 11 episodes in.
  • It’s getting harder to keep the band together on FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, but then they’re only ten episodes in … to its second season. How do these things happen?
  • Ice Road Truckers keep on truckin’ and that’s what they will do on the History Channel.
  • And while it seemed like it was just yesterday that we welcomed BattleBots on ABC, we’re already at the finale stage. The first part is tonight as the machines battle for a shot at glory, their very existence, or … well, we’re not actually sure, but we bet it’s amazing.