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What to Watch: 08/24/2016

It’s Robot‘s world on Wednesdays here, and even Master Chef Getting Chewed Out By Gordon Ramsay knows he can’t convince us otherwise. And bewildered hacker, and Mr. Robot‘s titular character’s sister, Darlene certainly knows what’s up. Here’s some shows we recommend, starting with the obvious!

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
Insert the emoji where your head explodes. Oh there isn’t one yet? Okay, so I’ll try to explain then. We got the first BIG reveal of the season last week when Elliott admitted and showed us that he is indeed in prison right now. Cue gasp! As the flashbacks replay and you put it all together and your brain implodes we are still left with one over arching question — Where the heck is Tyrell?? Did Elliott kill him?? Or is Elliott him?? Ok, that was more than one, even more reason to watch tonight. We need answers!

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
Based on promo shots available, this week’s installment of FSociety chaos-encased-in-madness portends to focus on Darlene, which could actually be some much needed narrative respite.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
Tonight’s episode is a two-hour combo. First season 7 winner Kevin is the guest judge, and is bound to stress out the contestants by cooking with them as they create a dish with “premium ingredients.” (Caviar or just really expensive fruit?) Someone will get eliminated before the Top 8 try to survive a three-part skill test with potatoes.



  • As you can discern from the still above (if you haven’t kept up), USA’s Suits stars are not just concerned with suits of the three-piece variety (and, yes, we catch the legalese double-meaning in the title … sigh, we always have). Then again, Neal McDonough is on this show and he’s a national treasure!
  • We’re not ones to generally promote improv-on-one-sound-stage faux game show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but when Marty McFly’s mom is on, all bets are off.
  • We’re also not ones to go out of our way for Uber-E! shows like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, but Lil Jon bustin’ ghosts … we are so definitely there!
  • We’re not … wait, we are one to overdo a bit, but Pawn Stars is highlighting actor Harry Carey’s autograph collection (and we’re always delighted that there were Harry Careys that were neither Cub fans or Bud men … ok, so he also had a different spelling). Also, if the overwhelming tide of clickbait is any indication, Chumlee is now a hottie (but was he ever a nottie?).
  • If MasterChef does not sate your appetite for cooking and anger, there’s the first of a five part arc of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.