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Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Orphan Black

So, it’s pretty much an open field for Orphan Black, but we feel it was one hell of an episode, and most recappers felt the same.

Thursday, June 9th’s Best: Orphan Black (9.0/10)


Syfy’s premier clone war program had one hell of an action-packed episode en route to its fourth season finale next week. Vulture‘s Devon Maloney loved it, but was stunned at the main twist: “welp, I did not see that coming at all.” Caralynn Lippo of TV Fanatic enjoys the nuances, especially with this episode’s closest thing to a focal character, Rachel: “I continue to enjoy the fact that they’re refusing to soften Rachel. They’ve complicated her character and given her enough depth to make her more sympathetic as of late, but they’re refusing to go a full-redemption route, a la Helena.” AV Club‘s Lisa Weidenfeld was a bit more sanguine about the episode, giving it a “B,” but definitely happy about one character’s return, hailing “a welcome return for Helena, who we will now be calling the “deus ex Helena” for her ability to show up in a timely fashion to rescue the Hendrixes.”


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Orphan Black – A

0610orphanbox.jpgPerhaps the best tribute I can give to last night’s offering of Syfy’s Orphan Black is how giddy I feel about next week’s fourth season finale. “The Mitigation of Competition” featured power struggles, triple-crosses, basically nothing but razzle-dazzle and the exhilarating return of Sesstra Helena sporting a coonskin cap while shooting arrows through baddies’ necks. It’s the second straight week where one of the clones seemed to have bagged on their sisters — this time it was even more believable as who expects all that much fraternity out of one-time Neolution exec Rachel. However, it would have been a longshot to expect her to lead a mother and baby to their death at Evie Cho’s hands, and, no, her game was a takedown (that was admittedly a bit too easy) of Ms. Cho by her own recorded words. The damning text during a press conference has become an overused trope, but I’d be lying if it weren’t a fun comeuppance. Meanwhile, Adele’s arc seems to be at its end as Felix chooses to protect her from the clone conspiracy — which is a shame as her tossed off Southernisms were just starting to get good — “are you stepping to me, little triplet,” indeed. With all the action swirling around, it was easy to miss just who popped up alive in the little coda.
– Jason Thurston

What to Watch: 06/09/2016

No, Sarah and the clones are not about to go on a fun-filled journey to Coney Island (although, get Orphan Black‘s producers on the line, we’ve struck gold), but they do factor into our two suggestions from three editors.

Orphan Black [BBC America, 10p]
This season has take a serious turn and you know things are getting bleak when arch-enemies Sarah and Rachel have to team up to fight a common enemy. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Susan and Cosima are trying out their latest breakthrough idea in finding a cure and bumping heads along the way. But most importantly, Helena is back! Phew, I was having serious sestra withdrawal.

Orphan Black [BBC America, 10p]
Well, this is getting a bit predictable, but I’ll just second what Navani says and add that while the events of a few episodes were sad and shocking, it’s fairly brave of the show to blow up the original battle lines and leave its heroes scrambling to find a new solution to ultimately survive.

Great Old Amusement Parks [PBS, 9p]
See the old fashioned amusement parks of America, wooden coasters, carousels with rings, and all. (Join me in wondering why Knobels didn’t make the cut)



  • I gotta admit, Lip Sync Battle is getting some pretty cool people: this week Zachary “It’s Spock…Do You Care?” Quinto battles Zoe Saldana. On Spike.
  • In the mood to ogle beautiful homes no one real can afford, there’s always Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo.
  • Last week, Inside Amy Schumer returned to third season form in its fourth season. Hopefully this week continues to see one of the funniest people on television at the top of her game.

Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Orphan Black

Call it a hunch, but barring a barrage of bad writing, I suspect this will be the headline for all Thursdays until Orphan Black‘s tumultuous fourth season comes to an end (which would be in two weeks). That it’s only competition this week, FX animated juggernaut Archer, closed out its second season this week only strengthens that conviction. For the second week in a row, Archer matched the BBC America sci-fi show’s scores from AV Club, which enjoyed Archer‘s familiarity, and Vulture who were less positive and criticized its (semi-spoiler) death as cliche and “an easy device for generating pathos and significance.” Orphan Black‘s 5 out of 5 from TV Fanatic put it over the top.

Thursday, June 2nd’s Best: Orphan Black (8.3/10)


To take a cue from Walking Dead fans, if Donnie dies, we riot!  But what if Donnie’s life comes at the expense of all the clones’ safety? And what side would Allison take in the short run? AV Club‘s Lisa Weidenstein appreciates the logic that the show never tries to pretend any of them were doomed, but that it focuses its tension on the latter question, that “the show derives real tension and emotional stakes from the question of whether or not Alison knows she’s helping them.”  Despite a tepid 3/5 rating, Devon Maloney at Vulture seems to like this episode and saves specific praise for its use of musical Jesus Christ Superstar and Allison’s production of it as Greek chorus of sorts, calling it “nothing less than inspired. It’s entirely fitting that Alison play Judas in her darkest, most doubtful hour, and the lines of her song are so perfectly aligned with the clones’ plight at this moment. Now’s the time for everyone to decide ‘who they are and what they’ll sacrifice to ensure their survival.”

The Rest of the Night:


Archer – 7.5