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What to Watch: 06/06/2016

It’s a soap opera that examined the behind-the-scenes, dog-eat-dog world of reality television. It doesn’t sound like it, but its first season was one of the best things on the small screen — or any screen. It’s also Hockey Night in America (and Canada, of course) as the Stanley Cup Finals start tonight, and for something like the twentieth year in a row, stunningly, the champion will not be from the country that actually lives for this stuff, but from the U.S., as either the San Jose Sharks or Pittsburgh Penguins will make their home city excited — as most of the rest of the country lets out a resounding “meh.”

UnREAL [Lifetime, 8p]
Yes! season 2 is back bringing a new African-American suitor and new power dynamics as Quinn and Rachel move up the ladder. How long will their sisterhood bond last before they are pitted against each other?

UnREAL [Lifetime, 8p]
Rachel is one of the most appalling characters to ever grace television, yet she’s somehow a compelling protagonist, and one I root for from week-to-week. UnREAL was one of last year’s revelations, and I’ve been on tenterhooks for it to come back ever since the insane drama of season one and its brutal finale. Rachel and Quinn, I’m glad you guys could drink wine after all that.

Stanley Cup Finals [NBC, 8p]
May the best team win!