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What to Watch: 09/20/2016

This Is Us [NBC, 10p]
As a sucker for narrative tales of interlocking lives — not to mention Dan Fogelman’s particular brand of nonsense, there’s no way I’m missing the debut of This Is Us. Buzz has been solid, so far, and the cast includes newly minted Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown.

Scream Queens [Fox, 9p]
It’s hard to imagine how Scream Queens could return, and to our surprise, the series picks up a few years after the first season, with the Dean buying an abandoned hospital (WHY), and calling on Zayday, who is now a medical student. The disgraced Chanels are back, too, which makes sense, because a killer is now stalking the presumably barely-functional facility.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8pm]
Peralta and Holt are still getting adjusted to life in FLorida under the witness protection program, but how long will they be able to keep their idetnities a secret??

New Girl[Fox, 8:30p]
CeCe and Schmidt are trying to navigate home buying while Jess is trying to keep her mind off Nick. When will these two just get back together already?!




  • While MadTV {The CW version} has been mostly frustrating, they have absolutely nailed the TV drama parody — the bread and/or butter of the original Fox sketch comedy juggernaut — with two takedowns of The Walking Dead.
  • So far, Donald Glover’s languid hip-hop period piece Atlanta has lived up to its long-tailed hype on FX, and there’s no reason to believe that an episode titled “The Streisand Effect” should end that run.
  • The promos are pretty uninspiring, but Bull could prove us wrong and join the journeymen slick CBS hourlongs — and speaking of which, two NCISs: the original one and the Los Angeles one return tonight.


What to Watch: 05/02/2016

One show comes in, another goes out (well, just for the season as it is one of the highest rated programs). Here’s our recs for this not-at-all-manic Monday.

Houdini and Doyle [Fox, 9p]
Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team up to solve supernatural crimes in this ten-episode collaborative series, premiering tonight, from Fox, Canada, and the UK.

Jane the Virgin [CW, 9p]
It’s Mother’s Day and the Villanueva ladies celebrate with tradition, except when Petra wants to throw a wrench in that by hosting a brunch. No good can come of this!

American Dad [TBS, 8:30p]
Francine plays an RPG with her son and intergalactic tourism highlights Seth MacFarlane’s one funny show.



  • If you’ve loved Castle, or always wanted to check it out, this may be one of your last chances to show the long-running Nathan Filion authorin’ P.I. show on ABC.
  • A terrorist group takes Sam’s son Aiden’s school hostage. Now that’s what I call a seventh season finale. Kudos, NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • Jason Jones’ road trip comedy, The Detour, is quietly still keepin’ on on TBS.
  • It’s back…to the past on one of the best reviewed second acts of 2016 as 12 Monkeys travels to WWII. It’s on Syfy.