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What to Watch: 06/19/2016

It’s a Sunday night to wear down the edge of your seat as there are finales galore — including the culmination of an NBA season that went from anti-climax to all-time classic — a few premieres, and the titans of the HBO line-up.

The Jim Gaffigan Show [TVLand, 10:30p]
Doughy comedian Jim Gaffigan is back for a second season of his charming — and often surprisingly edgy — sitcom. In this opening salvo (fittingly on Father’s Day), he’s charged with a crime to which he professes innocence. 1:1 it involves food.

The Tunnel [PBS, 10:30p]
Remember The Bridge? The promising but occasionally disappointing FX drama-thriller about a politician found on a bridge between Mexico and Texas, inspired by Danish drama Broen? The French were inspired too, and dumped the body of a politician in a tunnel between France and Britain, and brought in Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy to play the troubled detectives. Watch now, binge the second season, which aired in April, later.

Game of Thones [HBO, 9p]
Just a week before the finale of this overall epic season we will hopefully get the long awaited standoff between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton in the ep appropriately titled “The Battle of the Bastards.” The North remembers and so do we!



  • The NBA Finals — against all odds — are still going, and if Game 7 doesn’t decide it, I hear LeBron and Stephen will meet at center court for a thrilling game of Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Speaking of ties, over on HBO, the 269-269 EC gridlock (hopefully not a harbinger for November) continues to vex Prez Selina Meyer on Veep, even now that Jonah somehow won a Congressional seat (no one that stupid could ever win in real life…right?…right?!?!?)
  • Before that, we’ll see what can go wrong, what will go wrong, now that Pied Piper is super available to the public and “totally freaking out” focus groups on Silicon Valley. We’re super-excited to see the Clippy reference.
  • Tonight on AMC’s Preacher, wagers and angels and justice, oh my!
  • If you like Showtime’s Penny Dreadful — and many of you do — there’s a double-shot tonight, closing with the third season finale.
  • How will it end up for Christine in The Girlfriend Experience‘s first season? Tune in tonight for two episodes on Starz.

What to Watch: 06/13/2016

A bunch of new and returning shows and a challenging documentary highlight the Monday line-up, along with a pair of critically-praised shows.

BrainDead [CBS, 10p]
Robert and Michelle Kings, the writers behind The Good Wife, don’t wait long to launch a new series, and other than dealing in politics, it couldn’t be less similar. BrainDead is a comedy dealing with a brother and a sister confronted with aliens in Congress (“what a bunch of aliens”).

UnReal [Lifetime, 10p]
Chet is back and all fired up from his tribal sabbatical in Patagonia, ready to take back his show causing much distress between the sisterhood of the traveling producers Rachel and Quinn. He stole the suitor leaving the gals to negotiate some terms with him to keep the show rolling.

The Seven Five [TMC, 9p]
Meet Michael Dowd, a corrupt NYPD who profited from the crack epidemic of the 1980s. Admist the corruption of his precinct, Dowd was convicted and sentenced to prison for racketeering and conspiracy to distribute narcotics.



  • A half-decade after Kyla Sedgwick’s titular character of The Closer exited stage right, most of the rest of the cast is still going strong on TNT as Major Crimes. On the fifth season premiere, a teen vanishes, while a different case hits, as it so often does, close to home.
  • The NBA Finals might end one day after the NHL Finals closed out with the Pittsburgh Penguins on top. The Cleveland Cavaliers can extend the season with a win against the season’s juggernaut Golden State Warriors.
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, boys and girls both want to be her, likely due to her Jon Stewart-esque nose for political hypocrisy.
  • Houdini & Doyle is still a thing you can watch…on FOX.
  • Syfy’s 12 Monkeys managed to beat out the return of another critical favorite one week ago with its exitential threat of an episode. This week, we’re back in 2026.


What to Watch: 06/10/2016

Another June Friday with not much original programming, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing good.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! [ABC, 8p]
See Kimmel early, so they can air game four of the NBA Finals later. As someone who’s dead asleep when Kimmel airs, this is a treat.

Say Yes To The Dress [TLC, 9p]
Not always my cup of tea, but sometimes it’s a fun distraction, and this one sounds great. The title is “That Looks Like a Torture Device” and one of the brides has an opinionated entourage. Welp, I’m in!

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? [LMN, 8p]
Celebrating flashback Friday with this throwback from the Lifetime of yesterday before the remake comes out that somehow features vampires. A teenage Tori Spelling is falling for the bad boys in college and her mom is not having it!

ALSO ON TAP TONIGHT:0610girlmeetsworld.jpg

  • After Jimmy Kimmel, there’s the actual basketball game, as LeBron and his Cavaliers try to build on its first series win against the record-setting Warriors and even up the series tonight in the NBA Finals.
  • Now here’s a classic sitcom premise: Girl Meets World‘s Riley creates an alter-ego Jexica for her new school so they’ll think she’s cool. What could possib-lie go wrong?
  • Another damn solid line-up for Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, including retiring Senator Barbara Boxer, activist and ex-Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, and journalist and Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox.