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What to Watch: 06/09/2016

No, Sarah and the clones are not about to go on a fun-filled journey to Coney Island (although, get Orphan Black‘s producers on the line, we’ve struck gold), but they do factor into our two suggestions from three editors.

Orphan Black [BBC America, 10p]
This season has take a serious turn and you know things are getting bleak when arch-enemies Sarah and Rachel have to team up to fight a common enemy. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Susan and Cosima are trying out their latest breakthrough idea in finding a cure and bumping heads along the way. But most importantly, Helena is back! Phew, I was having serious sestra withdrawal.

Orphan Black [BBC America, 10p]
Well, this is getting a bit predictable, but I’ll just second what Navani says and add that while the events of a few episodes were sad and shocking, it’s fairly brave of the show to blow up the original battle lines and leave its heroes scrambling to find a new solution to ultimately survive.

Great Old Amusement Parks [PBS, 9p]
See the old fashioned amusement parks of America, wooden coasters, carousels with rings, and all. (Join me in wondering why Knobels didn’t make the cut)



  • I gotta admit, Lip Sync Battle is getting some pretty cool people: this week Zachary “It’s Spock…Do You Care?” Quinto battles Zoe Saldana. On Spike.
  • In the mood to ogle beautiful homes no one real can afford, there’s always Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo.
  • Last week, Inside Amy Schumer returned to third season form in its fourth season. Hopefully this week continues to see one of the funniest people on television at the top of her game.