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What to Watch: 02/21/2016

It’s a busy night of television: we’ve got dead walkin’, cartoons folk-singin’, records spinnin’, law talking ladies and guys lawyerin’, CSI’s cyberin’, and one classic program coming back, while another fades into the annals of history — well, almost (Brits love to get cheeky with the specials). Our selections from this crowded field boast 38 seasons, mostly logged by one record-breaking family show.

Girls [HBO, 10p]
Another season of mid-twenties drama and debauchery ensues with Shoshana  in Japan finding herself, Marnie preparing for her wedding (yup, that happened), Hannah with her new boo and Jessa, wait what does Jessa do again? In any case, looking  forward to more cringe worthy, awkward moments.

Downton Abbey [PBS, 9p]
We in the U.S. finally get to see the Season 6 finale, and while there are no more seasons, there will be more intrigue between the upstairs and the downstairs next week with the “Christmas 2015 Special.” This episode promises twists and turns and a mounting intrigue between sisters Mary and Edith (#TeamEdith…Mary is just that awful).

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Bart invites a homeless woman to live in his closet, and Lisa discovers that the woman is a noted folk singer. Then The Simpsons goes deep: the woman, like many homeless people, has substance-abuse issues. Will this be as emotionally scarring as the time Lisa’s beached whale died? Is it bad that I hope so?


  • Those Walking Deads dead walkers put quite the hit on Rick’s psyche last week, but the Alexandrians came together in the end, and tonight’s the aftermath and a likely very short calm between the storms. Process whatever happens for the next hour on AMC’s Talking Dead. It may not be long enough.
  • Mercy Street makes its real and complete first season exit on PBS (cuz we’re ‘Murricans!) with Lincoln visiting, while the medical intrigue builds to a climax.
  • HBO’s well-pedigreed punk rock expose Vinyl earned mostly solid reviews, but don’t ask your local rock critic friend, because it earned some bitter enemies.
  • On CBS’ The Good Wife, another show in its final season, Alicia works with the federal government, while Eli & Tascione are thrown together which is always a whole lot of eccentric (and sometimes hallucinogenic) fun.
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians finishes up its eleventh season on E!, which hints that a lot may have happened since the O.J. days.
  • Just reading about the Food Network’s All Star Academy spanning the globe to offer ingredients from Mexico, Thailand, and Italy is making us hungry, so we’re out of here. Peace!