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Weekend’s Best Reviewed: Downton Abbey

With its sorta, kinda final episode (the installment next week was a Christmas Special in the U.K.), Downton Abbey earns raves by returning to one of its most reliable fan-pleasers — vicious family strife. All appeared to be looking up for perennially unlucky Lady Edith, so of course it would have to come crashing down courtesy, as per ther ushe, of sister Mary, but did that backfire? Underrated B-movie style monster show Grimm is the weekend’s surprise runner-up as conspiracies collide, and Monroe gets his inner wolf on. A thought-provoking, but mostly transitionary episode punctuated by a stunning last few seconds leads to mixed reviews for last week’s champion, The Walking DeadVinyl continued to neither delight nor offend. While reviewers had mostly positive vibes, The Good Wife confused many, and Shameless fell further as the annals of the Gallagher clan would seem to be running on fumes.

Weekend’s Best: Downton Abbey (9.5/10)

0222yesbesdowntonWhen two different reviewers use the word “bananas” to describe the oh-so-proper PBS period drama, Downton Abbey, you know you’ve got a crazy episode. It’s the last of the “series” in British TV terms, but not the finishing point of the series in the U.S. as there is one special left for next week. But, oh, what a set-up for that final act. Jen Chaney of Vulture gives it a perfect score, while lamenting “why did you make me love you when there’s only one more episode of you left?” TV Fanatic‘s Caralynn Lippo added the “penultimate installment of the series managed to capture that early Downton charm, drama, and joy. It was outstanding.”

The Rest of the Night:

Grimm – 9.0

Togetherness – 8.5

The Walking Dead – 8.4

Girls – 8.3

The Vampire Diaries – 7.7

Vinyl – 7.7

Billions – 7.5

Sleepy Hollow – 7.0

The Good Wife – 6.9

Shameless – 6.3