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Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Colony

Son of a…for the second time in three weeks, the otherworldly dystopian sci-fi fronted by Lost‘s Sawyer, Josh Holloway, and creator, Carlton Cuse, takes the top spot in our round-up of Thursday’s top reviewed shows. Last week’s winner, the ethereal and unique Zach Galifianakis clown comi-tragedy Baskets, holds its own while turning a tv trope on its ear, as avowed non-couple Chip and Martha are tasked with caring for Chip’s twin’s children. Vikings posts a striking return as kingdoms falling apart leads to deceit and drama. Shondaland’s trio of shows slip a bit in their second week, although Rimes’ youngest show, How to Get Away with Murder earns a perfect grade from at least one source. Quirky critical fave You, Me, and the Apocalypse has a definite off week with an ambitious, eventful, but way too busy installment.

Thursday February 18th’s Best: Colony (8.5/10)


Secrets and double-crosses abound in a thrilling episode of Colony whose action takes place mainly in a besieged bar, full of agents from all sides in this battle between mysterious host aliens, collaborators, and resistance forces. As Carissa Pavlica at TV Fanatic contends “as viewers, we’re as in the dark as everyone in the colony, and for once, I’m not really upset about that. I find it intriguing.” Vulture’s Kenny Herzog finds the “notion of team Bowman, with Bram and Gracie in tow, venturing out Truman Show–style in search of what’s beyond the wall is certainly appealing.” in a review featuring theories galore and a shout out to 1990s booty-loving rapper (and J.R. Ewing of Seattle) Sir MixaLot.

The Rest of the Night:

Vikings – 8.3

The 100 – 8.2

Baskets – 8.o

The Big Bang Theory – 7.8

Scandal – 7.5

Grey’s Anatomy – 7.3

How to Get Away with Murder – 7.0

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 6.8

You, Me, and the Apocalypse – 6.4