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What to Watch: 07/31/2016

What will Preacher Jesse Custer do? Wouldn’t Freddy (aka more serious Omar Little) and a Lifetime Movie stepdaughter want to know. It’s another busy Sunday night of shot callers, pranking principals, neurotic comics, and celebrities who know how to play the game.

Preacher [AMC, 9p]
What will happen when Jessie addresses his congregation? What are the consequences of the Cowboy being let out of hell? Tune into the Preacher season finale. It should what everybody is talking about around the water cooler in Monday.

The Night Of [HBO, 9p]
Michael K. Williams does not do subdued; seething intensity has permeated every role (even when he did a season bid as a teacher on Community) and mysterious prison master Freddy is no difference. His veal-aided conference with Nasir Khan contained no direct threats, but you knew Nas was in for even more hell than the crime he may or may not be guilty of. We’ll learn more of what Freddy wants from Nas, as well as learn more about Stone who is not going to walk away and it may not even be about the money anymore.

My Stepdaughter [Lifetime, 9p]
A woman trying to befriend her teenage stepdaughter is challenged to keep an open her heart when the gothic teen adopts the woman’s own kid.



  • If watching Preacher doesn’t sate your appetite for the graphic novel-laced action show, stay tuned to AMC where, as always, Chris Hardwick has your back with Talkin’ Preacher.
  • We’re halfway through the summer of classic game shows and tonight’s newcomers to the festivities include Niecy Nash and Kal Penn.
  • Ray’s life is always fraught with complications on Showtime’s Ray Donovan. Tonight’s tribulations are led by Bellkov’s imminent release from prison.
  • Jim and Jeannie’s squabble is mediated by The Jim Gaffigan Show‘s best supporting character Father Nicholas.
  • Wanna know what teens choose? Well, the Teen Choice Awards 2016 is tonight. Word is Justin Timberlake is getting some sort of lifetime achievement honor. He should avoid Maeby Funke’s fate.
  • After The Night Of, it’s the HBO comedies, including Ballers where Ricky Jarrett is choosing his new team (what’s New Orleans got over Buffalo?) and Vice Principals where it will be hard to top last week’s hijinks.


What to Watch: 07/24/2016

As we wait to see what the looming and exciting, if certainly more tame, Dem Convention brings, there’s a ton of options to take your mind off the coming apocalypse, including an underrated comic thriller on a new night.

BrainDead [CBS, 10p]
The show continues to explore the metaphor of brain eating bugs in our political landscape and the ever present cultural relevance of The Cars. Oh and Laurel discovers Luke is cheating.

The Jim Gaffigan Show [TVLand, 10p]
The fallout from Jim’s ill-fated deference to Dave hits a fever pitch and finds the former at a table read for the latter’s fast-tracked half-hour comedy. But will it exceed Jim’s oft-forgotten first real-life foray into television, Welcome to New York (does that exist in this alternate-Gaffigan Universe?).

Mexico Life [HGTV, 9:30p]
A Polish couple leaves chilly Colorado for Sayulita with their large family.



  • HBO splits the night between the grim dramatic realness of critically heralded The Night Of – where Naz sits at Riker’s waiting to hear his fate – and the one-two punch of bro-comedy that is Ballers and Vice Principals.
  • If you want a less party-hearty dramatic take on pro sports, the almost-criminally underrated Survivor’s Remorse returns tonight on Starz for a third season.
  • We cannot say enough about the throwback game show Sunday nights on ABC. Actually, we have not said nearly enough, and watch the skies (or the site) for many more words on last week’s and tonight’s contestants. This week’s players include Randall Park and Ellie Kemper.