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What to Watch: 09/29/2016

Pamela Adlon just wants to do her laundry; people really shouldn’t laugh. In any case, it’s sitcoms both conventional and nouveau dominating this week’s What to Watch.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
The work walkout against Cloud 9 that has started the second season of the always promising Superstore, has been just the plot device needed to bring out the best in the characters, drawing that somewhat missing third dimension from the able collection of actors. Even Mark McKinney’s once-silly incompetent manager has found his (squeaky) voice.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
Eleanor is working with the man who designed the Good Place, making it harder to remain undetected as an accidental inclusion. Tahani is assigned to help a neighbor find her true purpose, and if we’ve learned anything, that means poor Tahani will face her first failure.

Better Things [FX, 10p]
Sam takes a trip to the plastic surgeon for a consultation which prob will not help her self esteem at all.

What to Watch: 09/15/2016

Let’s all give it up for crafts as, meanwhile, the never-ending battle between football and fashion plays on in two long-running debuts.

Project Runway [Lifetime, 8p]
The world’s foremost TV fashion reality show returns for its fifteenth season with its usual double-shot of designer intros and first challenge. I know I’m targeting Kimber Richardson in my Project Runway fantasy league.

Better Things [FXX, 10p]
This is the project Louis CK teased on his Marc Maron interview! Sam is a single mom struggling to keep balance between her family and her acting career and deal with lady issues this ep. Fits nicely in with my growing list of shows about flawed/not good people.


Craft In America [PBS, 8p]
The season 8 premiere looks at artists who pass on their craft to a new generation. Navajo weavers, glass, and ceramics are featured.



  • While we’re into the second week of the NFL season, the NFL Thursday Night Football season kicks off tonight with a battle between two 0-1 teams who looked just terrible last week — the Buffalo Bills host the New York Jets.
  • Beast makers beware as Beauty and the Beast says adios forever with its fourth season finale “Au Revoir.”
  • Ice Road Truckers continue ice road trucking with a rookie tested on the cold streets of Alaska tonight.


What to Watch: 09/08/2016

Here at Screen Scholars today, in our ultra-brief WtW, we got ya misanthropy and sports, you can decide which is which.

Better Things [FX, 10p]
From the world of Louis C.K. pops up another darkly comic tale of an actress balancing career and parenthood — this one stars his pal Pamela Adlon, best known as the voice of Bobby Hill.

World Cup of Hockey [ESPN2, 8p]
It’s Team North America against Team Europe in this exhibition game in Quebec City. Really, though, it’s the Canadians versus the Russians, and anybody’s game.