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What to Watch: 09/05/2016

It is LITERALLY the biggest night of the whole year for edgy comedy and adventure and torts and marrying strangers and, um, other things probably. So let’s get right down to it as there is LITERALLY no place we would rather be … than talking about September 5th’s television, as Mary + Jane come in and Rizzoli & Isles goes out. We can LITERALLY do this all day.

Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe [Comedy, TVLand, Spike, 10p]
I LITERALLY cannot wait! (ed.’s note: see!)

Mary + Jane [MTV, 10p]
We can never have too many green-flavored shows about two women, their strong bond, and their misadventures — and this one sets its feet in L.A.

American Ninja Warrior [NBC, 8p]
It’s week two in Las Vegas, and all eyes are on Jessie Graff, the spritely, strong, stunt woman breaking barriers and records. Last week Graff was the first woman to get through Stage 1 of the finals, and surely she’ll be the first woman to get through Stage 2, too.



  • After seven seasons, the macabre crime duo of Rizzoli & Isles call it a series wrap as the pair solve the crime of a dead man handcuffed to a bed, while the rest of the cast says goodbye in character.
  • On the other side of TV life, Discovery uncorks its six-part scripted series about the rise of the two-wheeled motorized vehicle, Harley and the Davidsons.
  • We wouldn’t normally hawk a uniquely-TLC show like 90 Day Fiance here, but with the likely groom coming in from Tunisia, this one could be more interesting and poignant than most of these.