What to Watch: 01/21/2016

Thursday’s picks are full of whimsy, featuring superheroes, alt-comic clowns, and an epic battle of the lips between two of Screen Scholars’ favorite stars.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, [CW, 8p]
The CW aids DC’s campaign against Marvel with DC’s version of Agents and Guardians. In the first part of the pilot, Time Master Rip Hunter assembles a team to fight an immortal villain determined to destroy humanity.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
You’ve seen the promos for months (well, if your viewing habits are anything close to mind), and how could anyone not at least check out Zach Galifianakis as a surly Schweppes-loving clown.

Lip Sync Battle [Spike, 10p]
My hair crush Tracey Ellis Ross is up against Anthony Anderson and from the looks of the preview she is giving Beyonce a run for her money. Also, another vote for Baskets and more info: All Chip Baskets wants to do is be a fancy French clown but nooooo things like rent and financial responsibility have to get in the way. Stop being such a dream killer, life! Now he’s forced to move back to his hometown and figure his ish out. Should be entertaining.


What to Watch: 01/20/2016

There’s a full quorum of Wednesday night programming tonight, plus some fun classics.

Just Jillian [E!,10p]
Get a glimpse of the fitness extraordinaire’s hectic life as she balances motherhood and a demanding career. In this ep travel to the UK causes some tension back home as does pressure from friends to marry her longtime partner.

Criminal Minds [CBS, 9p]
The twisted brains of CM take on Uber and their like, as a murderer uses the cover of a popular (of course unnamed) car service to complicate matters. Plus it promises to be another episode heavy on the Dr. Spencer Reid (after a brief absence).

The Parent Trap [ABC Family, 6:45p]
The 1961 original, starring Hayley Mills.

What to Watch: 01/19/2016

Something for everyone this January 19, so let’s just dive into it…

Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years [ABC, 8p]
An oral-history of Captain America leads into the Agent Carter premiere. Will they cover his move to Red Hook, Brooklyn? I hope so.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [FOX, 9p]
B99 moves to its new Tuesday night slot, and what’s better than Capt Holt and Jake teaming up…Capt Holt and Jake being forced by quarantine to team up.

Zoe Ever After [BET, 9p]
Brandy is back as Zoe, a newly divorced mom trying to juggle motherhood, work and now home repairs on her own.

Jess goes on a jury tonight on New Girl…Kevin Nealon and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls together as you always imagined them on Hollywood Game Night…and 2016 returns of Pretty Little Liars and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

What to Watch: 01/18/2016

Many choices today for after you finish your day of service (or however you tribute the great man), so let’s jump right in…

Angie Tribeca Marathon [TBS, until 10p]
You are off from work today and the free Amazon Prime weekend is over. Thankfully, Angie Tribeca is still streaming all day so get caught up on season 1 of the spoof on police procedurals starring Rashida Jones. Also, NBA on TNT will host a one-hour special honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. featuring interviews with those close to him as well as documentary clips starting at 7pm before the big games.

Could I Live There? [Travel, 8p]
Dance features in both back-to-back episodes of this new series; first a family mulls over moving to Istanbul. The second family considers Buenos Aires.

Telenovela [NBC, 8:30p]
While it’s proven little more than a silly comedy (with a few appealing characters), shows like this can thrive in disaster settings, and what better than a hurricane for such a windblown program.


What to Watch: 01/17/2016

Comedy comes in many forms and fashions. On today’s menu, our offerings range from the broad to the broader — from Rashida Jones returning in a Naked Gun-esque farce running all day to a new set of Real Housewives battling near the site of this year’s most major battle.

Angie Tribeca [TBS, 9p]
One of the stranger TV debuts of all-time, at least wrt its rollout, Angie Tribeca has been on the shelf for well over a year, and now the creators are unleashing the entire 10-episode first season back-to-back-to-back-to-etc. Generally, that would be a whole bunting of red flags, but the trailer for the satire starring Rashida Jones looks hilarious and early reviews are excellent, so strap in!

The Real Housewives of Potomac [Bravo, 9p]
New money from Potomac, Maryland, bring new shame and degradation to the suburbs of DC.

Hitch [Lifetime, 3p]
A date doctor [Will Smith] finds his own rules for love challenged when he falls for a gossip columnist [Eva Mendes] with her guard up. So, turns out there are no formulas for romance but we will always have the soul train line.

Bob’s Burgers wins its ongoing battle against the NFL tonight and will air its first episode of 2016. If the Globes and the Oscar nominations have you in award frenzy, TJ Miller hosts the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on A&E. And this might not be a bad week to jump right into one of CBS’ most secret treasures, Madam Secretary.



What to Watch: 01/16/2016

Ok, it’s a Saturday in January, not a whole lot of options, but we’ve found some of interest — including musical superstars, intrigue, and drama.

Willie Nelson: Gershwin Prize [PBS, 8p]
From “Crazy” to “On the Road Again,” Willie Nelson has been an American songwriting treasure for over 60 years. An impressive array of talented friends and fans — ranging from Neil Young to Alison Krauss to Buckwheat Zydeco — gather in D.C. to fete the Red-Headed Stranger.

From the Bottom Up [Centric, 10p]
Because everyone likes a good comeback story. When your mishaps are scrutinized in the public eye it seems impossible to ever move on but these five ladies are finding their way.

A Crime to Remember [Investigation Discovery, 8p]
Enjoy two back-to-back episodes, recalling the wrongful conviction of Sam Sheppard (who became a wrestler in his final years!), Nellie May, the first woman sentenced to death in California.

What to Watch: 01/15/2016

Dr. Ken [ABC, 8:30]
A welcome beacon of comedy light on an otherwise slow night for television. Based on the life of Ken Jeong prio to  Hangover fame, we follow his shenanigans while being a doctor in a HMO clinic.

The Overnight [Netflix]
Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott are a new-to-LA couple whose playdate descends into debauchery in this 2015 dark sex comedy.