What To Watch: 04/30/2023

It’s a big Sunday for unoriginal material. Wait, let me rephrase that less dismissively. There are two exciting remakes (well, in one case a new adaptation of a book that had one very famous 1960s adaptation) leading what we’re impassioned about as we hit the end of the weekend. One of them is romance, the other romance gone very, very wrong. If there’s a rabbit in the latter, don’t get attached. We’re still stung from seeing that as children.

Tom Jones [PBS, 9p]
PBS brings back a classic romantic comedy, Tom Jones, which feels a lot like a joyful response to FX’s Great Expectations: a charismatic man of low peerage, raised by a rich man, longs for a woman he thinks he can never have. (I don’t know, dude, it seems like she likes you!) There’s even a treacherous upperclass woman, this time played by Hannah Waddingham.

Fatal Attraction [Paramount+]
Does the world need a Fatal Attesction remake? Spread out over a series instead of a movie? Before I start speculating on where bears defecate I’m going to say sure. There has been seismic shift in how we discuss these issues since the original movie came out in 1987 and I must admit I’m interested in how they update the story.

Succession [HBO, 9p]
The rich white folks continue to argue even after there are no more kisses to be had from daddy. Last week, despite the efforts of the Roy siblings, the deal went through, and much more bigly than expected. And now where do we go from here with Shiv on the outside but vibing with a Swede, a whole bunch of people about to be fired, and Disgusting Bros Tom & Cousin Greg somehow still on their feet. By the way, if you’d like to read more about last week’s Succession, there’s this great writer doing recaps. I hear he’s quite handsome as well. 


  • The creators of this A&E show look into the least worthwhile opinions about the state of the nation, from “Trump is good for the U.S.A.” to “there need to be more 1-800-KARS-4-KIDS ads” Wait.. you’re saying Stone Cold Takes on America is wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin’s videography of what America means to him. Given he’s flanked by two hummers in the picture above, Stone Cold’s takes might also be stone cold.
  • Will Kendall Roy be on Time100: The World’s Most Influential People? Obviously, no. He’s fictional. Creator Jessie Armstrong might be there. Probably not, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.
  • Reelz’ biographies can be fairly exploitative and the title of tonight’s is one of its more provocatively titled series. However, it’s also about a terrific, groundbreaking comedian from the past whose light was huge before most of us were born and who passed away in the last century. So we might even recommend Autopsy: The Last Hours of Flip Wilson.
  • And we finish, as we are wont to do, in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex where the lone offering is Hallmark’s Spring Breakthrough. Good! Night!

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