What To Watch: 04/28/2023

It’s a great Streaming Friday for those of us who love reliving our childhood as two classic old school (we’re talking created in 1902 and 1970) stories get screen adaptations. There’s even more celebration of nostalgia as the Dubba Dubba WB celebrates 100 years in existence. Stream on streamers, do not let life get in the way!

Peter Pan & Wendy [Disney+]
Does the world need yet another version of the supernatural fairy tale adventures of J.M. Barrie’s ageless boy? Probably not. However, this Disney+ adaptation sports one hell of a cast supporting Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson in the titular roles. Look out for performances from everyone from Jim Gaffigan to Jude Law to Alan Tudyk to Yara Shahidi as the oddball characters they meet in Never Never Land.

Frog and Toad [Apple TV+]
Frog and Toad continues Apple TV’s reboots of classic children literature that started with peanuts. Arnold Lobel’s books are perfect to reflect the inclusion we strive for in society today. And adults may get a lot out of it too. Maga america are you watching?

Warner Bros. 100 Years [HBO Max]
HBO’s docu-series will reflect on the studio’s 100th Anniversary.


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